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My Retort: Disintermediation Will Never Happen Unless You Let It by Bill Attardi

I still have a full head of hair, maybe it’s because I’m a consultant and have never been in the distribution business. Tough business, I agree, with some very savvy professionals, some with hair and some very bald. Tough businesses

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Human-Centric Lighting Set to Drastically Improve Workplace and Individual Performance

Scientific studies over the last 20 years have proven that light’s spectral content and its intensity do indeed impact the human circadian rhythm. Blue-enriched white light, for instance, can play both a villainous and a virtuous role. Too much blue

Graybar’s Kathy Mazzarella Featured in Podcast Series with Dirk Beveridge

A five-part interview with Kathy Mazzarella, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Graybar, will be featured in the Innovate for the Future podcast series. In these interviews, Mazzarella discusses the company’s vision, culture, value proposition, business model and transformative

NEMA Standard Promotes Uniformity for Occupancy Motion Sensors

NEMA WD 7-2011 (R2016) Occupancy Motion Sensors Standard promotes uniformity in the use and application of occupancy motion sensors used in lighting control systems, HVAC, and other devices. This standard explains field of view and coverage characteristics relevant to vacancy

Osram Takes Adaptive LED Headlamps to New Level

LED headlamps have become increasingly popular in the past few years due to styling, durability, and energy efficiency. Even mainstream vehicles often support SSL either for the main headlamp and/or daytime running lights. Still, LEDs offer potential advantages that go

Space Station Gets LED Lighting to Improve Astronaut’s Sleep

The circadian rhythms in space are way different than Earth. While the sun rises and sets in 24-hour cycle in Earth, in space the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes. This destroys the settled circadian rhythms, which consequently leads

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Malmö School Introduces Human Centric Lighting

Malmö School introduces Human Centric Lighting

An experimental human centric lighting scheme has been installed at Lindeborgskolan school in Malmo, Sweden, aimed at improving pupil performance. The human centric system replaced a fluorescent lighting scheme, a change which pupils claim has improved their concentration, making them

Contractor Skills Shortage to Put Brake on Connected Lighting

Skills shortage to put brake on connected lighting

A looming skills shortage could derail the revolution in connected lighting – unless action is taken to train a generation of contractors. PLUS: Customer who spent $150 million on lighting says pace of technological development is ‘overwhelming’. This video post

TM-30 BASICS with Michael Royer of PNNL

TM-30 Basics

– IES TM-30-15 is a new system of several related measures and graphics that can be used together to effectively evaluate and communicate a light source’s color rendering properties. The development of the method involved synthesizing multiple related research efforts

Philips Lighting Launches Indoor, Tunable-White LED Lighting Platform

Philips Lighting "Tunable White Solutions"

Six major luminaire series from various Philips Lighting brands offer support for the new tunable-white SSL platform that relies on the company’s Dynalite network control platform. Philips Lighting has announced what it is simplistically calling the Philips Tunable White System,

The Best Smart Lights You Can Buy by The Verge

The best smart lights you can buy

Smart home gadgets can make your life way more convenient. The trouble is, a lot of them aren’t very good — and they can become more of a headache than a convenience. That’s particularly true for smart lighting. If you

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ConTech Introduces Super CPL LED Pendant


The SCPL is available in three wattage/lumen packages: 120W/12,000lm, 170W/15,000lm, and 200W/18,000lm with excellent fixture-to-fixture color consistency within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse. The decorative design simplifies installation with a thin ceiling canopy and a compact driver housing/heat sink. A collection

Acuity Adds Wireless Capabilities to Its Digital Lighting Controls


Acuity Brands has extended its nLight digital lighting control system with a kit that adds wireless control capabilities. The new nLightAIR platform includes luminaires equipped with Acuity eldoLED LED drivers, a battery powered wall switch and an app called Clairity.

Foreverlamp RS Series Bright Just Got Brighter


The recently released 1000W Metal Halide Replacement Lamp RS Series is NOW available in 52,000 lumens! • RS-1-KWD-MHO • 5000K / +83 CRI • 52,000 Lumens • 460W / 112 Lm/W • Saves 530W per socket • $2407 accumulated savings

Ushio America Introduces the New Uphoria™ 3 LED PAR Lamps


PAR20, PAR30, PAR30LN and PAR38 Models with 90+ CRI. These LED PAR lamps combine the classic styling of traditional PAR lamps with the advanced technology of LEDs and custom designed optics. The dimmable Uphoria 3 LED PAR lamps are designed

Arrow Electronics Microchip 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs are Both Designed for Modern IoT


Designers of modern IoT applications now must contend with calls for increasingly complex functionality, including rich interaction and display, varied input options, and faster performance and responsiveness. Similarly, IoT applications are calling for more rugged solutions, like sensor based measurement

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