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SWOT ANALYSIS – The Starting point………..Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. It is important to point out that when a company matches internal strengths with external opportunities, it creates sustainable competitive advantages in meeting the needs of its customers. In addition, you

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Strategies Unlimited Tempers LED and SSL Projections but Remains Bullish on Sectors

The Strategies in Light (SIL) 2015 conference, held Feb. 24-26 in Las Vegas, NV, featured Plenary Sessions anchored by Strategies Unlimited market-research presentations. Senior analyst Stephanie Pruitt reported that packaged LED revenue hit $15.4 billion in 2014 and projected growth

LED Lighting in Museums Part 1, Part II and Part III

The Lunder Conservation Center held a one-day symposium on LED lighting in museums in March 2013, which included a series of presentations by museum and lighting specialists. http://www.lightnowblog.com/

Venture Lighting Introduces LED Luminaires with Integrated Driver Technology

Venture Lighting has introduced a comprehensive range of LED luminaires with enhanced longevity and reliability with their latest VLED Integrated Driver Technology (IDT) system for floodlights, industrial and street lighting schemes. Learn more via LEDs.

Osram to Split Off Lamps in Separate Business

For insight on just how big an impact the shift to solid-state lighting technology is making on the lighting industry, the continuing repositioning by manufacturers of legacy lighting technologies should give an inescapable clue. This week, Osram signaled that its

LED Lighting to be Added to Jackson Civic Center

As the Jackson Civic Center continues to take shape, builders have begun considering ways to maximize the quality of the building. To that end, the Jackson board of aldermen approved a change order for the project for the installation of

Product Showcase


Philips Launches Wireless LED Smart Light Hue Go

number 1.5

Philips Hue Go is an iF Design award winning, fully portable wireless lamp with all of the clever connectivity features of Philips Hue, meaning that it is now possible to experience the light that you want, wherever you want as

Data Transmission Through Light by Craig DiLouie

Visible Light Communication - Data through Light, NECA/IBEW Team

This NECA Electric TV video provides an introduction to LiFi–the use of visible light as a source of data transmission. It’s already being done with lasers, and now the potential of using LED luminaires is being explored. In the general

Switchmate Develops a Technology That Will Turn Your Dumb Old Incandescent Lights into Smart Ones

Switchmate Smart Lighting

Switchmate’s http://www.myswitchmate.com/ plastic cover snaps over a conventional light switch and adds Bluetooth connectivity to it. Fire up an app on your smartphone, and suddenly you can usher your brainless incandescent bulbs into the modern digital era. All without the purchase

GE’s Lighting-Based Indoor Positioning Solution

number 1

Indoor location technology embedded inside GE LED lighting fixtures will deliver high-value applications to retailers, providing the ability to understand the precise location of shoppers using an opt-in application on their smartphones and tablets. The solution combines Visible Light Communication

The Industrial Internet and the Future of Lighting

The Industrial Internet and the Future of Lighting

Watch GE Lighting President & CEO Maryrose Sylvester discuss the massive transformation underway in the lighting industry as the old incandescent lightbulb is replaced with smart LED systems and cities, companies, and consumers are empowered to cut costs and energy

Product Promotions


ATG Electronics Launches 120-watt eLucent™ Nebula LED Gas Station Canopy


The DLC-qualified 400-watt metal halide replacement saves 70 percent in energy. The slim three-inch profile enables versatile mounting and easy retrofit installation into existing single- or double-skin canopies. Nebula offers an industry-leading L70-rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and qualifies for

Cree Adds Intelligent Color to SmartCast Technology

Cree CR Troffer

Cree Adds Intelligent Color to SmartCast Technology – Cree, Inc. has introduced field-adjustable color temperature for its SmartCast™ Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers, delivering a dynamic and customizable lighting experience. The first of Cree’s luminaires to feature instantly adjustable color

ABB Lighting Adds Value To LED Lighting With Custom Controls

number 1

ABB Lighting, a manufacturer of customized LED luminaires in the United States and Canada, is making it easier to navigate the new world of smart lighting, by offering custom controls on advanced LED luminaires. ABB offers custom photo sensors, motion

Cree Announces Residential-Targeted LED T8

number 1

The Cree TW Series LED T8 tube product with the ballast-compatible solid-state lighting (SSL) is available at retailer Home Depot at just under $22. The LED T8 tube launch marks the first time that Cree has targeted the residential market

Cree RUL Series Rural Utility

number 1.5

From rural street lighting to storage facilities, the RUL Series outperforms incumbent technology by providing superior illumination and economic performance for municipalities and utilities resulting in expedient payback with less than half the wattage of comparable traditional solutions. The first

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