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I have to say that I am still in shock. I wrote back in April about my good friend Herm Haverland passing away on March 26, 2015 at the age of 87. It was a very good life with much

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Canada’s Sixth Largest City Scales up LED Streetlight Replacement Budget

Several Canadian cities have announced plans to swap their old traditional streetlights for more energy efficient LED lights, but the country’s sixth largest capital Mississauga, located in Southern Ontario underestimated the finance it would need. Initially, the Mississauga council aimed

Horseheads, NY to Buy Street Lighting from NYSEG

The NY State Public Service Commission (Commission), as part of its continuing effort to lower municipal energy costs across the State, today said it had approved separate requests to sell utility-owned streetlights to three municipalities: Town of West Seneca (Erie

India to Cut Half of its Energy Bill with LED Streetlights

India’s Panaji state cabinet decided to switch all conventional streetlights to LED. The conversion will cost about US $13.9 million. The project will be executed by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) within six months, reported the Times of India. Conventional

Binghamton, New York Kicks Off 7K LED Streetlights Switch

Several test LED lights were installed in the city earlier in mid- 2015. The project will cost US $4 million but the energy and maintenance savings will offset the expense in the long run. The project is expected to be


TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — The city of Tupelo should start saving $140,000 or more each year for the next two decades by upgrading to more efficient lighting at athletic fields, parks and government buildings. Under the energy savings contract with

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GE’s Intelligent Streetlight Comes to NYC

GE's Intelligent Streetlight Comes to NYC | Current, powered by GE

Watch the video… Connecting a city to the Industrial Internet drives the change that can help turn challenges into opportunities. From parking optimization to more efficient emergency responses and more, the possibilities are endless. Imagine if your street light could

The Smart Ario Lamp Will Keep Your Brain On Schedule and Make Your Day


Watch the video… According to Ario, our daily light exposure has serious implications for “sleep, mood, immune system, weight management, and overall well-being.” Basically, certain light temperatures trigger our brains to release certain hormones — a cool biological trick that

Acuity Brands Mainstream Dynamic

Acuity Brands Mainstream Dynamic

Watch the video… A simplified, holistic dynamic solution that brings features once reserved for theatrical and architainment lighting to mainstream applications. This new Mainstream Dynamic system integrates exciting dynamic features with traditional forms and scalable control networks, enabling designers and

Apple’s New $5 Billion Headquarters In Cupertino, CA

Apple's New Headquarters  in Cupertino

Watch the video… One of the most interesting construction projects now underway. Designed by Foster + Partners, the new campus is scheduled to open in 2016 and includes many state-of-the-art green technologies (LED Lighting I would guess). This video was

Oxford University’s Museum Of Natural History – In a Whole New Light

Lux project report: Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Watch the video… The University of Oxford’s Museum of Natural History is housed in a beautiful 150-year-old neo-gothic building. The lighting team had to get creative to light it without making changes to the listed structure, and have succeeded in

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Universal’s EVERLINE® LED Retrofit Kit

Universal retrofit

Simplifies the transition from fluorescent to LED. Linear fluorescent technology represents an estimated 80% of the installed equipment and 72% of total annual energy consumption for commercial lighting making it the perfect candidate to upgrade to LED with a retrofit.

Green Creative PAR38 HID Replacement


This TITANIUM LED SERIES PAR38 HO has been designed and engineered for demanding commercial applications and to run on universal voltage 120-277V. At just 19W, this LED lamp replaces a 250W halogen and 39W CMH; emits 1775 lumens in warm

Forest LightingT8 LED Lamp

Forest tube

The Forest Lighting T8 LED Lamp is designed to perform efficiently in places where old-fashioned fluorescent lamps had been used and may now be installed in sanitary locations including food products manufacturing facilities, food preparation kitchens, and food serving areas.

New RXT Series of Xicato LEDs from Times Square Lighting


Constant advancements in driver technology allow us to refine our housings by making them smaller and sleeker than ever. http://tslight.com/?s=RXT • 1300 & 2000 Lumen available now • 50,000 Hour LED life • Dimmable options • Integral electronic driver •

Nanoleaf’s Smart Lighting You Can Control Using Your Voice. “Siri, Turn On All My Lights”


Nanoleaf puts the light-emitting diodes on the outside of the bulb. They’re unlike anything else on the market, they’re unabashedly nerdy.. Now, Nanoleaf’s jumping in with Apple HomeKit and debuting a new, connected version of its funky-looking light. The new

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