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Malcolm Gladwell Says AI Will Make Human Judgment More Vital by Phil Goldstein, Web Editor for BizTech

As artificial intelligence advances in the workplace, humans will need to solve mysteries amid large volumes of data that machines cannot. Artificial intelligence may replace some jobs, but it will also highlight the importance of human judgment in the workplace,

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LEDVANCE Commits to the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Lighting Challenge

to sell 2.5 billion LED lamps by 2023. The Clean Energy Ministerial is a forum of countries working together to promote the global transition towards clean energy generation and consumption. The Global Lighting Challenge, launched in the winter of 2015,

Expanded NEMA Lighting System Index Edges Higher in First Quarter 2017

The first quarter of 2017 saw a 1.4 percent increase compared to 4Q 2016 but a 3.4 percent decline when compared to 1Q 2016. Emergency lighting, fixtures, and lighting controls posted quarter-over-quarter increases while the remaining components declined during the

First Quarter 2017 Year-Over-Year LED A-Line Lamp Shipments Up, Incandescent, Halogen, and CFL Shipments Decline

LED A-line lamp shipments decreased 8.1 percent in 1Q 2017 compared to 4Q 2016. However, LED A-line lamps continued a year-over-year climb increasing 4.7 percent compared to 1Q 2016. Incandescent and halogen shipments posted a quarter-to-quarter decrease in 1Q 2017

Rexel Energy Solutions Continues to Expand for Stronger ESCO Support Nationwide

Rexel Energy Solutions, a stand-alone operating business within Rexel USA, has continued to add ESCO Sales Representatives for stronger national coverage of ESCO customers. They announced their plans to expand their ESCO support infrastructure earlier this year. In addition, they’ve

Football Club’s Iot Sports Lights Are A World First

The Internet Protocol-controlled floodlighting at Sparta ’25 football club can be controlled by officials and players using smart phones. The LED lighting system features three settings, ’match’ with 100 per cent lighting, ’training’ with 50 per cent dimming and ‘comfort’

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Learn How to Install the Cruze LED Retrofit Kit from Eaton


The C by GE Sol, an Alexa-Powered Table Lamp, Is Now Available for Preorder

The futuristic-looking light promises to enhance your sleep, function as a clock, and connect to other GE smart bulbs in your home. The C by GE Sol table lamp is an Alexa-powered halo of luminescence that first showed up at

How is lighting changing how we watch sports?

From the Super Bowl, to the football pitch, to the speedway, lighting is being used to improve the sporting experience. This week we ask how is lighting changing the way we watch sports? http://luxreview.com


Like any new technology, LED lighting must demonstrate a compelling value to buyers before it begins to win sizeable market share from the incumbent technologies it will replace. Over the past decade, research and development have yielded impressive improvements in


OLEDs are based on organic (carbon-based) materials. Unlike LEDs, which are small point sources, OLEDs are made in sheets that provide a diffuse-area light source. While developing rapidly, OLED technology is less mature than LED technology, whose rapid advancement has

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Lumileds Launches Multi-Die Emitter for Outdoor Fixtures

Lumileds introduced the LUXEON MX, a multi-die emitter that delivers industry leading efficiency and flux for outdoor fixtures and high bay lighting applications. Lighting fixtures benefit from the emitter’s 1,200 lumen, 150 lm/W efficacy, at 85°C* which enables a system

High performance LED Highbays from Venture Lighting

Venture Lighting’s linear highbays are low profile, durable, and designed for long life and low maintenance. They are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing H.I.D and fluorescent fixtures. Each unit comes equipped ready with easy to hang 4 point

The Eaton Archeon Small LED Roadway Luminaire

Delivers all the performance benefits of the latest Eaton LED platforms and technologies with a modern, yet familiar cobrahead form factor. This discrete LED solution with the patented, high-efficiency AccuLED Optics™ system, provides uniform and energy conscious illumination for municipal

Deco Lighting GO-LED Retrofit Kit

This innovative retrofit kit features modern styling with an Architectural Narrow lens designed to upgrade the look of aging fluorescent troffers in interior spaces from offices and classrooms to hospitals and retail spaces. The GO-LED is stocked in 2×2 and

Terralux Becomes Sielo

Terralux is announcing a new corporate identity and vision for intelligent buildings and connected lighting. The company is now Sielo, a brand that represents cloud-based, connected building solutions at the nexus of power, light, and data. Sielo will continue to

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