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http://www.edisonreport.net/ Well, Randy Reid, Editor of Edison Report really started something. With the able assistance of Paul Pompeo, Donny Wall and Sam Sinai, they decided to honor some ole timers with a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Lighting Industry. So

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Feilo Sylvania Pushes into Smart Lighting

The London-based, Chinese owned luminaire provider steps up smart-lighting-enabled location-based services with sensors from Australian startup Organic Response. By using “heat mapping” technology, the sensors will note occupancy and footfall across rooms and buildings, which will help facility managers analyze

Philips Lighting Shares Soar About 8 Percent After I.P.O.

Philips Lighting Shares Soar About 8 Percent After I.P.O. – On Thursday, Philips said that the offering had valued the lighting business at about $3.4 billion, based on market capitalization. Philips said that 37.5 million shares had been sold in

Nashua, NH Converting All Streetlights to LEDs

The Board of Aldermen approved an expenditure of $1,455,694 for the project, which will be completed by Siemens Industry Inc. of Austin, Texas. Work on the streetlights is expected to be complete in about six months, according to the contract.

Lunera Lighting Introduces LightStream Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

Available now, LightStream https://www.lunera.com/lightstream/ is a turnkey service that allows building owners and operators to upgrade their commercial lighting infrastructure to LED with zero capital expense (CapEx). This approach enables lighting to be treated as a monthly service. LightStream LaaS

Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

At $45 apiece, that makes Stack more affordable than both Lifx and Philips Hue — and I’d argue that Stack’s bulbs are smarter than both. They will change color temperatures, offering a yellowy 2,700 K, a bluish-white 6,500 K, or

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Superyacht Maker Unveils Dynamic Lighting

Video: Superyacht maker unveils dynamic lighting

A dramatic exterior lighting treatment – designed by Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design – has been unveiled for the 90m Moonstone yacht by Oceanco. Unveiled at the Dubai Boat Show, the extraordinary yacht Moonstone is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based boat specialist

LSI Industries Unveils New Architectural Mirada Series Area Lights

LSI Mirada Architectural LED Area Lights + more...

Introducing the new Mirada series Area Light (XALM) by LSI. Its main strength is its industry-leading photometry through an exclusive, patent-pending optical system. Its contemporary and sleek design makes it perfect for architectural applications. Its performance is excellent, with 36,000+

Forest Lighting UniV8™ LED T8 Lamp

Forest UniV8

This universal lamp can be installed in fixtures with or without a ballast, making it ideal for retrofit applications where fluorescent systems are being upgraded to save energy and maintenance costs. Customers can elect to utilize the existing ballast with

ReFlex OLED Smartphone Enables Multitouch with Bend Input

ReFlex: Revolutionary flexible smartphone allows users to feel the buzz by bending their apps.

Revolutionary flexible smartphone allows users to feel the buzz by bending their apps. Researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have developed the world’s first full-color, high-resolution and wireless flexible smartphone to combine multitouch with bend input. The phone, which

Watch LG’s Super Bowl Spot Introducing the ‘Future of TV’

LG is using its first Super Bowl commercial to introduce people to a new era of TV with the debut of its LG Signature OLED TV set. Liam Neeson stars as the Man of the Future who has come to

Product Promotions


Cree XSP HO Series Delivers Breakthrough 25 Percent Performance Increase

Cree street

Cree, Inc. extends its street lighting portfolio, delivering more performance and efficiency breakthroughs with the next generation of its new Cree® XSP HO Series. Leveraging the innovations from the existing Cree XSP Series LED street light platform, the new XSP

Foreverlamp Retrofit Plug-n-Play Lamps


Providing an energy-efficient, plug and play alternative to Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Lamps. • 1000W LED Retrofit Lamp for MH • 400W LED Retrofit Lamp for MH • 400W HPS Series for HPS Lamps • 400W LED High

Prudential Lighting Stream Series

Pru Stream

Prudential Ltg. has just rolled out its full line – the completely seamless, lens-free pendant, recessed and perimeter luminaire. • Stream Series Oval (pictured): Stunningly elegant, nature-inspired curves are reminiscent of a leaf about to unfurl. • Stream Series Square:

Acclaim Lighting Dyna Drum HO


Available in two LED configurations. First, a 24 x 10 Watt Quad Color RGBW (CREE) version with homogenized optical lens system, providing superior color mixing and more saturated colors. Second, a 90 x 3W CREE single lens/led optic solution with

PureEdge Lighting TruLine 1.6A

Pure Lighting

Creates a clean line of glare-free general illumination within 5/8″ drywall. The 24VDC linear LED system features a shallow, 5/8″ deep plaster-in aluminum extrusion no thicker than drywall that houses two rows of high CRI, commercial-grade white or color-changing LED

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