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Leadership is a skill, not a genetic disposition, so they say…

Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders. Tom Peters Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. President Harry S. Truman Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made

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NEMA Publishes New Standard for Portable Traffic Signals

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA TS 5-2017 Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTSS) Standard. This new standard covers traffic signaling equipment used to enable and expedite the safe movement of vehicle traffic in work zones during roadway construction,

IES Early Bird Registration Extended to June 1, 2017

The 2017 Annual Conference fosters personal and career growth through educational and networking opportunities and allows lighting professionals to earn up to 14 CEU credits. The objective of this conference is to provide educational sessions relevant to this audience of

Top 5 Trends Impacting Global LED Ballast Market

The top five trends that have driven the global LED lighting ballast market in 2016, and is expected to impact the market till 2020 are: 1) Increase in urban population worldwide 2) Declining manufacturing cost of LEDs 3) Demand for

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda Resigns

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda is resigning, saying he is re-evaluating his priorities following a recent medical issue. The company said Friday that Swoboda will also step down from the board of directors “following a transition period.” Swoboda joined Cree (Nasdaq:

New Flexible OLED Technology Can Endure Repeated Bending

The new OLED panel developed by Korean researchers can be rolled up like a newspaper. The highlight is that it can remain highly efficient in spite of repeated bending. This means that the new flexible OLED technology can be used

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The C by GE Sol, an Alexa-Powered Table Lamp, Is Now Available for Preorder

The futuristic-looking light promises to enhance your sleep, function as a clock, and connect to other GE smart bulbs in your home. The C by GE Sol table lamp is an Alexa-powered halo of luminescence that first showed up at

How is lighting changing how we watch sports?

From the Super Bowl, to the football pitch, to the speedway, lighting is being used to improve the sporting experience. This week we ask how is lighting changing the way we watch sports? http://luxreview.com


Like any new technology, LED lighting must demonstrate a compelling value to buyers before it begins to win sizeable market share from the incumbent technologies it will replace. Over the past decade, research and development have yielded impressive improvements in


OLEDs are based on organic (carbon-based) materials. Unlike LEDs, which are small point sources, OLEDs are made in sheets that provide a diffuse-area light source. While developing rapidly, OLED technology is less mature than LED technology, whose rapid advancement has

How Intel Lit Up the Super Bowl with Drones

The Lady Gaga half time production incorporated a compelling bit of contemporary technology: In a reportedly pre-recorded sequence, a swarm of 300 tightly coordinated drones lit up the sky, circling around one another in patterns choreographed tightly as anything happening

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Terralux Becomes Sielo

Terralux is announcing a new corporate identity and vision for intelligent buildings and connected lighting. The company is now Sielo, a brand that represents cloud-based, connected building solutions at the nexus of power, light, and data. Sielo will continue to

Foreverlamp to Launch new DesignLights Consortium Approved Classic High-Bay Series at Lightfair International

Foreverlamp, creator of the award-winning Foreverlamp™ LED Retrofit Lamp Series, has expanded their cost-effective LED high bay offering with the traditional round look of an HID high bay and classic driver housing that delivers the modern efficiencies of today’s LED

Ushio America Introduces the New Ubiquity™ 2 LED T8 Direct Wire

An ideal retrofit solution, the Ubiquity™ 2 LED T8 Direct Wire lamps can be wired to one end or to both ends. This significantly reduces your labor and related expenses, and eliminates the need for external ballasts and LED drivers.

Viribright Lighting Launches New Line of LED Light Bulbs

Patented technology allows Viribright to deliver high-caliber light performance at an affordable price. Viribright carefully engineers every bulb to create uniform light dispersion and minimize glare, creating a more pleasant viewing experience. All Viribright LED light bulbs are designed to

Amerlux Adds Upper Reflector with Solite Lens as a Standard Offering for Square Downlights

Resolving the challenge to project even illumination from square downlights when using a round LED light source, Amerlux has developed a patent-pending upper reflector that can be combined with the Solite optic for square downlight families. This cutting edge optical

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