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70! Not just a number anymore. Not when it’s me and I’M FREAKIN SEVENTY! (To read the unexpurgated original version, find Chris Brown on Facebook). First thought……YIPPEE, I MADE IT! On second thought, How the hell did this happen?!? Thinking

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The Global Lighting, Design and Technology Community Connects at LIGHTFAIR® International 2017

When the global lighting, design and technology community converges at LIGHTFAIR® International in Philadelphia May 7 – 11, professionals from around the world will discover a full slate of industry-specific networking events available to elevate and enhance the trade show

Smart Cameras Will Help Spokane Light Its Roads More Intelligently

Fresh off a smart lighting project in which it relies in part on intelligence sent by remote IBM Watson computers, controls company Echelon is now also beefing up its ability to think on its own, as it has installed a

Fulham Acquires Control Network Solutions for Smart LED Lighting

Fulham Co., Inc., announced the acquisition of the assets of partner company Control Network Solutions (CNS), the UK-based creator of the elitedali smart lighting control and management system. This transaction continues Fulham’s strategic European expansion. Fulham has been developing its

Over 10 Million LED Bulbs Distributed in UP at Rs 80 (US$1.31)

The citizens of Uttar Pradesh (UP), India have replaced 10 million inefficient bulbs with energy efficient LEDs, distributed under the Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) programme. UP has been the fastest state in the country to achieve

Acuity Pads Its Indoor-Positioning Push With Shopping Cart Trackers

LED lighting vendor Acuity Brands has added another arrow to its quiver of indoor-positioning technology, introducing a wireless system that tracks shopping carts around stores in order to provide retailers with information on floor traffic and also to keep tabs

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How is lighting changing how we watch sports?

From the Super Bowl, to the football pitch, to the speedway, lighting is being used to improve the sporting experience. This week we ask how is lighting changing the way we watch sports? http://luxreview.com


Like any new technology, LED lighting must demonstrate a compelling value to buyers before it begins to win sizeable market share from the incumbent technologies it will replace. Over the past decade, research and development have yielded impressive improvements in


OLEDs are based on organic (carbon-based) materials. Unlike LEDs, which are small point sources, OLEDs are made in sheets that provide a diffuse-area light source. While developing rapidly, OLED technology is less mature than LED technology, whose rapid advancement has

How Intel Lit Up the Super Bowl with Drones

The Lady Gaga half time production incorporated a compelling bit of contemporary technology: In a reportedly pre-recorded sequence, a swarm of 300 tightly coordinated drones lit up the sky, circling around one another in patterns choreographed tightly as anything happening

Happy New Year from the Brown Family

We all know and love Papa Bill Brown. Well he and Norma, along with the wonderful Brown family, just spent 2 weeks in Arizona (Tanque Verde Ranch) and he shared a happy new year video with me and I want

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Keystone’s SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Solutions

SmartSafe is an innovative and easy-to-install family of solutions which enable the incorporation of emergency lighting capabilities into a broad range of direct-wire LED tube, fluorescent, and standard LED fixtures. Keystone’s SmartSafe has achieved winning status and many awards including

Ushio America Introduces New Ubiquity™ LED T5 Direct Replace Lamps

The Ubiquity LED T5 Direct Replace lamps offer an easy and safe energy-saving retrofit solution for F54T5 fluorescent lamps on most Programmed-Start electronic ballasts. There’s no need to rewire fixtures or disconnect ballasts. Just replace the existing fluorescent tube with

Philips Hue Candelabra Bulbs

Philips Hue has long vied for domination of the smart LED lighting market, and it’s leading the charge into color-changing candelabra bulbs, too. The big advantage the Hue Candle bulbs have is the existing Hue ecosystem — a system compatible

Cree’s High Power LED Delivers Unmatched Efficacy & Lumen Density

Cree, Inc. introduces the XLamp XHP70.2 LED, the second generation of the highest output Extreme High Power LED, which delivers up to 9 percent more lumens and 18 percent higher lumens-per-watt (LPW) than the first generation XHP70 LED. The XHP70.2

Eaton Launches Curved Wavestream LED and Luxwire Technologies

Eaton announces the launch of the Neo-Ray Covera and Converge architectural suspended product families featuring its new next generation curved WaveStream light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Combining a contemporary and minimalist design with advanced optical performance and connected lighting capabilities, the

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