Is there anything more traditional than Baseball and Lighting? American as apple pie so they say…. I just came back from Lightfair. What a show, better than ever. I just love what’s happening to the lighting industry. Both the new and “traditional” players are focused on making lighting SMART. (If Stan Angelo and his Smart Electric company is trying to get it right, then we all can). Primary reason is technology. That seems like too tame a word for what’s happening. We are clearly in the electronic information age and technology is driving many industries, so it is with lighting. If the super traditional sport like Major League Baseball is using technology to get it right (last major sport to use it), that’s the future for the super traditional lighting industry too. GETTING IT RIGHT! Let there be light is over……getting it right is not just about delivering light on a surface. Getting it right is about the right lumens in the right application, it’s about linking energy efficiency with cost savings, it’s about control, sensors, security, daylight harvesting, green solutions, the environment…….. integrated networking platforms and business processes that will use lighting to improve the lives of all of us.  It’s all coming together and the lighting industry will certainly benefit by the technological innovations we just saw at Lightfair. Stay tuned to as we continue to report on the progress we are making. Let’s go to the video tape and get it right…………

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