A two-hour session with Chris Brown and Bill Attardi. ILLUMIGEDDON per Chris portends the end of our grandfather’s traditional lighting business and foretells that some lighting distributors are out of business, they just don’t know it yet. Bill counters with the term “FORTUITY”. That means you had nothing to do with this dynamic change to the new technologies……nothing. It is just fortuitous that you are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of it. It’s decision time Folks: Can you take advantage of these changes and see it as an opportunity for significant growth and prosperity or decide to close your doors and move on to something else.

This debate started last summer and the industry is having some serious thoughts about the future of lighting. In fact many of the industry’s top players have made some really credible comments in response; Jim Lucy published it in Electrical Wholesaling; Scott Costa did it in TED; NAILD picked it up for their newsletter, and we have more requests to repeat our debate. Have a special lighting event……..consider our slide presentation: ILLUMIGEDDON OR FORTUITY, presented by two ole war horses who know something about lighting:
Chris Brown 914-643-0071
Bill Attardi 732-946-8521
We promise a substantive presentation that challenges the attendees to think and maybe even take some action to reposition what they do. Up to two hours including a lively question and answer period. Think about it and let’s talk……

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