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LEDfair is Next Week…

Happy Memorial Day as we honor those men and women, as Lincoln once said, who gave their lives that that nation might live. If you want to hear an outstanding commencement speech given at the University of Texas in Austin, this is one that could change the world:


As I have said many times, I really look forward to LIGHTFAIR and especially this year. For me, it’s a reunion with the many friends and relationships with which I have grown in this wonderful industry. I jest about it being called LEDfair but will we see much of anything else.  Electronics are changing our lighting world too as no other innovation over the years has had the potential to upgrade all, and I mean all, the traditional technologies. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, CFL, HID, miniature, sealed beam, photo, projection, you name it and one day we will be segmenting light emitting diodes.

My pleasure is that I am on the invitation list of many of the exhibitors at the show……my emails are ringing off the hook (I guess I can’t say that anymore…….times, they are a changin). I promise to visit every single one of you. I have three days to do it…..not even the casino will stop me.

Obviously, time needs to be attentive to what the major market shareholders are doing.  The Big Three in lamps; the Big Four in luminaires; special attention to the major electronics corporations: Cree, Everlight, LG, Nichia, Samsung, Seoul, Siemens; controls: Leviton, Lutron, Wattstopper; and the unique innovators: Amerlux, Con-Tech, Juno, Lamar, LEDtronics, MaxLite, RAB, Satco, Sensity, Soraa, TerraLux, Ushio, Westinghouse……If I left anyone off, then show me whatcha got!

And stay tuned to this EnergyWatchNews after the show to get my reaction and the reaction of my colleagues. Safe trip and look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas.

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  1. Don’t forget to stop at the new player’s in Presence Detection booth. New technologies that the others mentioned don’t have. Stop and visit booth #7645.

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