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LiFi – Lighting Up The Digital Highway System

Using light to send digital data is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. The potential for this high-speed technology to change everything about the way we use the internet, and send and receive data is huge. Check out this video. LED lights send information to a baseball cap. Standing under the lights, and using headphones connected to the cap, a user wearing the cap can hear audio sounds — like a voice narration or music. All that happens because of the light receiver fibers, with special detectors, that are woven into the top of the cap. The circuitry, similar to what’s found in computer chips, processes pulses of light from these LED light panels, and transforms the light pulses into audio signals — no radio or smartphone required. This could be a tool for the military too, where it would be safer to communicate with other soldiers by zapping their uniforms with a narrow beam of light rather than broadcasting an easily intercepted radio message.

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