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How lucky can anyone get you ask………well, very lucky to be at Yankee Stadium last Thursday night to watch the walk-off hit by Derek Jeter on his last at-bat in his last game at Yankee Stadium. Walk-off means the Yankees WIN!  He’s all about winning. The Yankees are not in the playoffs this year but in his 20 year career playing shortstop for only one team, Jeter has played on a winning team every single year…..made the playoffs 17 out of 20 years. What a run…..WOW!

He sure has a flair for the most electrifying kind of sports drama and this night was destined to be no different than so many other memories:

  • and now THE WALK-OFF

I joined thousands of No. 2’s filling the seats, oh, that doesn’t sound right……..whatever, it will be the last single digit number to ever be worn by a Yankee. In the top of the ninth inning and with the Yankees leading 5-2, it appeared as though the moment was sinking in for the Captain and it was likely that Jeter had already taken his last at-bat. We all took turns predicting the best way for Joe to take him out of the game. Then the Orioles hit two more home runs and tied the score. Unbelievable…… The Yankees had to play the bottom of the ninth and maybe beyond. Single, sac bunt, and then comes Captain Derek Jeter with a chance to win the game. Did I say, he was all about winning? Well, on the first pitch, his classic inside-out swing shot a line drive hit to right field. The Yankees had a walk-off win. Jeter went out the way he was supposed to and all was right with the world even if it was for just one shining moment.

One last thing from me: it wasn’t just the longevity that made him special. Yes, it was all the hits, Gold Gloves, clutch plays but it was his class too. Jeter floated above the scandals and tabloid headlines that claimed so many stars of his generation. That’s why his retirement year turned into a national love fest.





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  1. BillAttardi says:

    Nice note on Jeter…!
    Boston did a nice job fete-ing him by rolling out Yaz and Bobby Orr, etc.
    Even I admire this guy, a class act

    Btw, my wife’s sister was Jeter’s HS English teacher, so I married into a family of Yankee fans….albeit casual (Tigers are #1, at least they have a WS chance).

    Interesting to see who’ll replace him at SS (ARod?)
    Jeff Irmer

  2. BillAttardi says:

    Even though I typically find it difficult to follow your Yankees, for Jeter I made an exception. To your point, he did manage to stay above the scandals and sleaze, or at least he never got caught. No that’s too cynical, I believe the Jeter is the real deal. He has always been a class act and has set the standard by which others should strive to follow. Now, maybe with his departure, the torch of greatness that Jeter carried so well will be transferred to my beloved Cubies – sometime before I lose complete interest.

    Dave Levinson

  3. BillAttardi says:

    Well done Bill!!
    Frank Diassi

  4. BillAttardi says:

    Bill, I had a similar experience at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. That’s the game that Mookie Wilson hit a ball through Bill Buckner’s legs to score the winning run. In the top of the tenth inning most everyone in the stadium thought The Red Sox would win the game and thereby win the World Series. It was truly a wild finish and to top it off I caught a foul ball off the bat of Wade Boggs (he was playing for Boston at the time). Earlier this year I had Mookie sign the ball. There are only four known balls from that game. Like Jeter’s game, its something I’ll never forget…..
    Rich Plastine

  5. BillAttardi says:

    As Derek Jeter retires from the game he dominated, Barton Silverman looks back on his favorite moments photographing the Yankee star.
    Chris Brown (still a Mets fan)

  6. BillAttardi says:

    I always enjoy, Bill …your combination of interesting information and your passion for sports. Keeping your balance in this crazy world of ours is not easy.

    I agree with you that Derek Jeter, like Paul Konerko, is truly refreshing to be observed and noted. So many of our athletes have been so self-involved and self-indulged that they think they can get away with anything.
    Bill Brown

    Stay the course and so will we.

  7. BillAttardi says:

    Night to remember. You are spot on about Jeter. Class guy. Great way to finish.
    Ray Hurt

  8. BillAttardi says:

    It is GREAT to hear you went to the game and saw your boy!!! At your age it is moments like this that keep you going. Worried that now he is finished you will have nothing to look forward too. Don’t get down…… the family still cares about you!!!!!
    Love you, Cuz Tom Maltese………

  9. BillAttardi says:

    “I’m a Mets Fan, but I have to admit I even got goose bumps when he delivered in typical Jeter fashion in that last at bat. Only wished that he had played in Queens the past 20 years.”
    Jeff Van Etten

  10. BillAttardi says:

    Talk about a long run. No playoff appearances since 1985. I hope you watched the game that ended the streak last night. Sheesh. Worth the wait.
    John Newlin (Royals fan)

  11. BillAttardi says:

    Thanks for the link to the Jeter walk-off hit, which I had not seen.

    Casey Stengel had an expression he used to inspire a batter in that type of situation. He said “butcher boy” using “butcher” as a verb. Sort of, “just punch one through.” Maybe “butcher” also meant don’t worry what it looks like. Just get it done.

    It’s a pleasure to read your commentary. You really see sports for what they are at the deepest levels. Anyone who cannot have their spirit lifted by these performances in life is truly missing something.
    James P. Murphy

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