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Osram Presents Innovative SMARTRIX Modules

New LED modules developed by Osram combine multiple emitters with silicone optics and driver electronics that deliver adaptive drive beam technology for automotive headlamps. Matrix headlights provide ideal visibility at night and poor weather conditions. The smart distribution of light ensures that the road is illuminated with a high level of precision and maximum light output without dazzling oncoming drivers. Several individually controllable LEDs are combined into a matrix (array) with common optics. The LEDs can be controlled individually, “pixel by pixel”, so specific areas of the road and its environs can be illuminated or masked out as required. Osram said headlamps based on the Smartrix LED modules will be on the road in commercial vehicles this fall. http://www.osram-group.com/en/media/press-releases/pr-2017/29-08-2017

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