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Power-Strut® Introduces Power-Strut® Defender™

A Breakthrough in Corrosion Resistance for the Metal Framing Industry

Harvey, IL May 22, 2017 – Power-Strut®, an industry leader in the metal framing industry, announced its newest product line, Power-Strut® Defender™. Power-Strut® Defender™ is a new, high performance corrosion-resistant product line designed for harsh outdoor environments. Independent testing shows that Power-Strut® Defender™ is THREE times more corrosion-resistant than traditional Hot-Dip Galvanized products and it also has a major cost advantage over expensive Stainless Steel products. Power-Strut® Defender™ fills the void in the market with a service life between Hot-Dip Galvanized products and Stainless Steel.

“Our performance feasibility trials tested Power-Strut® Defender™ against Hot-Dip Galvanized products in a continuous salt spray chamber”, says Jake Shaw, Power-Strut® Director of Marketing. “High performance products in the metal framing industry are typically only tested for 1,000 hours. Power-Strut® Defender™ products were still going strong after 2,800 hours in the chamber! By design we knew Power-Strut® Defender™ would perform well, but we were still excited to see how well it performed against Hot-Dip Galvanized products in a side-by-side test.”
Power-Strut® Defender™ brings a solution to the market that has never been available to framing and support applications in harsh environments. It brings best-in-class service with the additional benefit of having self-healing properties. If the product is cut or scratched in the field,
the finish will propagate into those areas, eliminating the need for secondary touch-ups and saving labor and reducing installation time. For more information, visit www.Power-Strut.com and watch the video to view the full game changing salt spray test results, unique self-healing properties and more!

About Power-Strut:
Power-Strut®, part of Atkore International, is an industry leader in metal framing systems. It is by far the most popular framing system with electrical contractors because of the wide variety of channel and fittings. Power-Strut® is widely used to support conduit, panel boxes, raceway systems, and other electrical components. Many Power-Strut products are listed by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. and certified by the Canadian Standards Association

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