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If you are not already aware, California’s 2013 Title 24 is scheduled to start on July 1, 2014.

The most important message if you cannot complete projects before July 1 is:

Get existing Title 24 permits before July, which should allow you to complete the work by end of September.

The new version has the same strict requirements for retrofit as new construction, even if meeting those requirements are not cost effective for retrofits. The permit process, etc. will significantly add to costs without necessarily saving any additional energy or providing better quality of light. Here are a few lighting tools to help you survive the new Title 24, if you cannot get an existing permit.

If the lighting power density (LPD) in watts per square foot (WSF) is 15% below the maximum allowed, then dimming and daylight harvesting are not required. With high performance fluorescent and LED, this is quite easy to do in most applications.

If task lights have less than .3 WSF they do not need to be calculated in calculations. With task lights, ambient lights can be much less wattage.

If the LPD is less than .5 WSF, then bi-level lighting is not required. Especially with LED, this is often possible. The new Title 24 does not allow checkerboarding.

Somethings will not trigger Title 24. One example is replacing existing 32W fluorescent T8s with either reduced wattage fluorescent T8s or LED T8s if both use existing ballasts. Another example is retrofitting exterior fixtures with electronically ballasted ceramic metal halide or LED kits instead of replacing them. Contact for more  information:

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