Circadian Stimulus Calculator

Biological rhythms that repeat approximately every 24 hours are called circadian rhythms. Light is the main stimulus that helps the circadian clock. The Lighting Research Center (LRC) has released a new version of its CS calculator with more robust and

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Space Station Gets LED Lighting to Improve Astronaut’s Sleep

The circadian rhythms in space are way different than Earth. While the sun rises and sets in 24-hour cycle in Earth, in space the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes. This destroys the settled circadian rhythms, which consequently leads

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AMA Urges Minimization of Blue-Emission from LED Streetlights

The American Medical Association (AMA) says that some LED streetlights are harmful to human health and the environmental. The AMA has officially taken a stand against light pollution and promoted the public awareness of the pervasive nighttime lighting’s adverse health

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New Smart Lightbulb Emulates the Sun in Your Home

A new smart LED lightbulb aims to improve your health, wellness and sleep patterns by providing you with light that is more akin to that of the sun. It slowly shifts from blue to red in the day, allowing your

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