Lutron Simple And Scalable Wireless Lighting Control

Introducing a revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. All Lutron wireless products utilize Lutron patented Clear Connect wireless technology which operates in an uncongested radio frequency band. The result is ultra-reliable communication and smooth

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NEMA Publishes NEMA LSD 23-2016

Recommended Practice—Lamp Seasoning for Fluorescent Dimming Systems. This paper provides a recommended practice to season lamps for fluorescent dimming systems. It is an update to NEMA LSD 23-2010, developed by the NEMA Lighting Systems Division. Download at no cost on

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TCP Introduces the Allusion Line of Warm Dimming LED Lamps

TCP’s Allusion LED products provide “incandescent-like” dimming capabilities mimicking a traditional incandescent or halogen lamp transforming from a traditional 3000 Kelvin color temperature to a warm 2000 Kelvin color temperature on a standard dimmer – all without an annoying delay

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Forest Lighting Troffers – EW’s Top 10 LED Product for June

Forest Lighting’s 2×2 and 2×4 LED lighting troffers now offer dimming and motion-sensing capability, making them compatible with modern lighting control systems in offices, schools and retail settings. Forest Lighting LED Troffers deliver more than 100 lumens per watt. Color

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Legrand Introduces WattStopper DLM 0-10V Dimming Room Controller

Legrand, North America has announced the addition of Wattstopper 0-10V Digital Room Controllers, the LMRC-110 Series, to its suite of Digital Lighting Management (DLM) load controllers. As the foundation of the DLM platform, these installation-friendly room controllers simplify code mandated

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White-Tunable LED Lighting by Craig DiLouie

LED lighting can generate virtually any perceivable color as well as any shade of white light, all digitally controlled and selectable. Color output can be adjusted by mixing color LEDs, mixing white-light LEDs of different color temperatures, or a combination

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NEMA Publishes NEMALSD 73-2015

Energy Savings with Fluorescent and LED Dimming. This new white paper describes the signal path from the user control input through the control wiring, ballast or driver, and lamp or LED module. It also explains factors that affect energy consumption

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IS LIGHTING QUALITY SUFFERING WITH LED’S? BY JAMES R. BENYA, PE, FIES, FIALD Lighting design is the practice of knowledgably, and often artfully, combining the necessary lighting qualities needed for a particular project. Some aspects of lighting quality, such as providing the right amount of light, are easily standardized, measured and calculated.

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NEMA Publishes LSD 14 Guidelines on Application Of Dimming to HID Lamps

NEMA has published LSD 14 Guidelines on the Application of Dimming to High-Intensity Discharge Lamps. This white paper, last published in 2002, was produced by NEMA’s Lamp Section. LSD 14 provides guidance on the application, combination and practice of dimming

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News Updates for the Week of April 11

1. Earth Day is April 22, 2011 – 2. From Howard Wiig, Institutional Energy Analyst, Dept. of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, State of Hawaii – The mercury from CFL’s escaping into the atmosphere is not accurate. Mercury is dangerous

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