Human-Centric Lighting Reduces Drug Reliance at Danish Psychiatric Hospital

Doctors, nurses, therapists report a calming effect from the Chromaviso circadian lighting system. Professional staff at a Danish psychiatric hospital have administered fewer drugs and noticed a marked reduction in patient outbursts and disturbances following the installation of a human-centric

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Human-Centric Lighting Set to Drastically Improve Workplace and Individual Performance

Scientific studies over the last 20 years have proven that light’s spectral content and its intensity do indeed impact the human circadian rhythm. Blue-enriched white light, for instance, can play both a villainous and a virtuous role. Too much blue

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Malmö School Introduces Human Centric Lighting

An experimental human centric lighting scheme has been installed at Lindeborgskolan school in Malmo, Sweden, aimed at improving pupil performance. The human centric system replaced a fluorescent lighting scheme, a change which pupils claim has improved their concentration, making them

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Human-Centric Lighting Illuminates the Possibilities for Wellbeing by Mark Halper

Scientists have come to a firmer understanding of how the spectral content and intensity of light can alter biological processes. Many studies have shown a connection, for instance, between blue-rich white light and the suppression of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin,

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