As we say in Joisey, fuggeddabouddit! That does not mean your customers don’t need lighting maintenance. It’s just taking on a new dimension. Let me explain… As we all know and are experiencing in dramatic ways, the lighting industry is

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Verizon Intelligent Lighting Solutions: Smart Street Lighting System

Through the power of the ThingSpace platform, Verizon is creating a digital infrastructure for smarter city services and revenue generation opportunities. Smart lighting can become a central point of technology for other IoT solutions. This video shows current and planned

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The Past, the Present and the Future by Bill Attardi

This blog is an attempt to pull together an understanding of the transition taking place from the Traditional Lighting industry (the Past), to the Smart Lighting industry (the Present) to the Intelligent Lighting industry (the Future). Your comments are welcome…..

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NALMCO Newest Certification- CLCP

The lighting industry is undergoing massive change due to growing demand for intelligent LED lighting systems and controls. LED lighting, which promises high operating cost savings, is ideally paired with intelligent lighting controls, which promise additional savings and flexibility. Accelerating

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My Retort: Disintermediation Will Never Happen Unless You Let It by Bill Attardi

I still have a full head of hair, maybe it’s because I’m a consultant and have never been in the distribution business. Tough business, I agree, with some very savvy professionals, some with hair and some very bald. Tough businesses

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It is Time for a Business Model Disruption by Bill Attardi

Let me start with a quote from Jack Welch: If the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside, the end is near. Disruptive change can do that to your business and

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Illumination With a Brain: Intelligent Lighting Control by Craig DiLouie

While the light-emitting diode (LED) has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, another revolution has quietly developed in the background: intelligent (digital) lighting control. The future of lighting is solid-state, and it will be highly controlled. Fully realized,

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Intelligent Lighting Controls for Commercial Buildings

To meet the growing demand for lighting control systems, different types of vendors have moved into the lighting controls market. Leading the innovative side of this move are pure-play startup companies, which are largely responsible for the proliferation of creative

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Intelligent Lighting Paves the Way for the Smart City

Up until now, turning night into day and illuminating the dark has been the main task of street lighting. In the future, however, street lamps will fulfill many more functions. They will notify the garbage collection service whenever neighborhood waste

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