As Lighting Companies Move To Iot Services, Everything In The Business Model Must Change by Mark Halper As lighting vendors try to shift from the century-honed practice of selling light bulbs to selling services based on Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, they are looking at nothing less than overhauling just about everything in their corporate structure

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Connected SSL Represents Tremendous Market Opportunity By Philip Smallwood

LEDs have already assumed a huge presence in the globally installed base of lighting products, but the bulk of the growth is yet to come. Based on recent research, however, we feel a large part of the opportunity will come

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Alba by Stack

The world’s first responsive light bulb. The next generation of light bulbs features embedded intelligence, with many new products becoming available, as the editor of LEDs Magazine recently pointed out. An interesting new product that’s been getting a ton of

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Ace Hardware Deploys Intelligent LED Lighting in Retail Support Center

Digital Lumens has announced an intelligent lighting installation at the 1-million-ft2 Ace Hardware Retail Support Center in Rocklin, CA that supplies goods to northern California retail stores. The wirelessly-networked lighting delivers 81% energy savings relative to the mix of fluorescent and

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News Updates for the Week of January 3

1.      The 100-Watt Bulb at Death’s Door – General Electric estimates 50 million 100-watt bulbs are in use. GE, which Edison founded, plans to end production of 100-watts for the U.S. market on December 31. At midnight, the production line

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