BMW Hopes for Smaller Li-Fi Gear on Factory Floor

It has become clearer why BMW used infrared light rather than visible: Infrared is faster, according to the group that led the project. Li-Fi can use the visible light emitted by LED luminaires, or, as at the Munich BMW plant,

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MLS Becomes Sole Owner of LEDVANCE

LEDVANCE GmbH is now 100 percent owned by the leading Chinese LED lighting company MLS. MLS has taken over the full ownership of LEDVANCE by means of a share deal with the strategic investor IDG Capital and the financial investor

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Siemens Exits Lighting with $1.4 Billion Sale

Perhaps in a sign of continued consolidation, Siemens has also withdrawn from businesses making phones, hearing aids and ovens. The Munich-based company completed the sale of its remaining stake in light manufacturer Osram Licht AG, raising about 1.2 billion euros

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