Electricity Prices Plummet as Gas, Wind Gain Traction and Demand Stalls

The rapid rise of wind and natural gas as sources of electricity is roiling U.S. power markets, forcing more companies to close older generating plants. Wholesale electricity prices are falling near historic lows in parts of the country with competitive

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This huge change in how we get energy is coming much faster than expected

A recent forecast from the U.S. Energy Information Administration contains a stunning punchline: This year, natural gas is expected to supplant coal as the No. 1 source of electricity in the United States. Gas will supply 33.4 percent of power, and

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BP Forecast: U.S. Is Destined to Be an Energy Giant Again

Domestic energy production is destined to outstrip consumption in coming years, led by natural gas and U.S. dominance as the world’s biggest producer, so that the nation will stand totally energy independent by 2035, according to a long-range global study

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