New DLC Report: Energy Savings Potential of DLC Commercial Lighting and Networked Lighting Controls

New research demonstrates energy savings potential that can significantly reduce our energy load over the next ten years and beyond. Energy saving opportunities for residential utility lighting programs will soon be largely exhausted due to growing market saturation and EISA

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2018 Construction Outlook Overall

Things are positive with no surprises. We’re at full employment. Inflation is in check. The stock market is confident. Personal and disposable income is up, as is personal savings. Dodge Data & Analytics predicts total U.S. construction starts in 2018

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Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Market Likely to Reach $79.49 Bn

The global industrial and commercial LED lighting market was valued at $29.60 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $79.49 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2017 to 2023. Europe dominates this market at present,

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Market Data: IoT for Residential Energy Customers

The residential Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to gather steam as consumers find value in connected devices that help automate their homes and provide greater energy efficiency. The result is an emerging paradigm where utility customers have access to

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GE LED Transition

GE Lighting will discontinue the manufacture and sale of CFLs for the US residential market by the end of 2016 in favor of LED-based lamps. GE Lighting has been among the leaders working on LED-based retrofit lamps in the past

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NEEP’s 7 Crucial Steps to Transform the Residential Lighting Market

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Regional Goal is that the residential lighting market reach a socket saturation of 80-90% efficient quality lighting when transformed by 2022. NEEP’s theory of change to transform the residential lighting market along a timeline looks

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Drivers Propelling Smart Lighting Developments – Part 2

In part one of smart lighting article series, LEDinside addressed traditional lighting manufacturers’ profit-oriented business strategies as one of the main factors driving the development of smart lighting products. In this article, LEDinside will explore how budding Internet of Things

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News Updates for the Week of October 22

1.      New Ballast Energy Standards to Take Effect November 2014 – In November 2011, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued new rules regulating the efficiency of fluorescent lamp ballasts, which take effect November 14, 2014. The rulemaking creates a new

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