New DOE GATEWAY Report on Tunable Lighting in Three Texas Classrooms

The U.S. Department of Energy’s GATEWAY program has released a new report on a trial installation of tunable-white LED lighting systems in three classrooms in Carrollton, TX, which provides valuable insights into the use of this technology in a real-world

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DOE Publishes Report on LED Street Lighting’s Impact on Sky Glow

DOE has published the results of a study of the expected contributions to sky glow from converting high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting to broader-spectrum (i.e., white light) sources, with specific focus on LEDs, and presents the contributions in a manner

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DOE’s CALiPER Report 23: Photometric Testing of White-Tunable LED Luminaires

The advent of SSL has already brought substantial change to the lighting industry, and one recent development that’s especially intriguing is color-tunable luminaires — that is, luminaires that can change their spectral power distribution (SPD). Although versions of this

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