Terralux Becomes Sielo

Terralux is announcing a new corporate identity and vision for intelligent buildings and connected lighting. The company is now Sielo, a brand that represents cloud-based, connected building solutions at the nexus of power, light, and data. Sielo will continue to

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Terralux New DRVH LED Retrofit Kit for HID Commercial Downlights

The DRVH is an easy to-install, high output LED upgrade for 8 to 12 commercial downlights that utilize vertically mounted CFL or HID bulbs. The DRVH is a high output retrofit kit, designed to replace up to a 175 watt

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Terralux SR12LED Retrofit Kit

The bigger the light fixture, the more maintenance it needs on lamps and ballasts. Of course those fixtures are always on the highest ceilings making them inconvenient to access and service. Terralux has created the solution with its new circular

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Terralux Unveils New LED Light Engine Series for OEM and Retrofit Wall Sconces

SR308 and SR312 series products are an easy-to-install LED upgrade for use in commercial wall sconces. They are a UL recognized component (UL 8750), making them suitable for use in new fixtures by OEM lighting fixture manufacturers. They are also

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TERRALUX Introducing TLM-SR95A the First Nearly FlatLED Engine

Traditionally, lighting designers have had to fabricate wall sconce fixtures that protrude from the wall to provide space for and to camouflage lamps and other technical components behind the shade. TERRALUX is revolutionizing the lighting design industry with the introduction

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TERRALUX LED Retrofit Cuts Dartmouth College Energy Use by Two-Thirds

When Dartmouth initiated a campus-wide project to improve efficiency and make university operations more eco-friendly, one of the main focuses was installing green lighting and upgrading existing fixtures to cut energy use. The ceiling in the Baker-Berry Library is perforated

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TERRALUX LED Downlight Fixtures and LED Retrofit Kits with Battery Backup Now in Mass Production

DLSQ8 LED Downlight fixture and LED retrofit kit. Energy consumption is 60% less than CFL fixtures equipped with dual 42-watt lamps, for the same delivered light output. Available in an 8” square form factor. In the event of a power

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News Updates for the Week of January 23

1.      Giants vs. Pats in Rematch – who would have thunk it! 2.      Cloud-Based Lighting – Among the technologies on the cutting edges of research and development, we have cloud-based computing and solid-state lighting.A Tokyo-based company, NetLED Technology Corp. offers

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News Updates for the Week of October 17

Online DISC Assessment Now Available – The Success Insights® DISC Profile Behavioral Assessment is an analysis of each individual’s behavioral style to increase your self-awareness and abilities to develop adaptive styles to meet the demands of your work and customer

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