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Thoughts from Lightfair 2017 by Jim Lucy

It doesn’t seem all that long ago at Lightfair that LEDs were on the frontier and you would only see them in exit signs, theatrical lighting and traffic lighting. But in the late-1990s/early 2000s LEDs began a steady march through all niches of the lighting market and today are far and away the dominant light source. This year, Lightfair is all about not only the deep penetration of LEDs into every nook and cranny of the lighting market but also a bunch of IoT-enabled, app-based lighting controls; tuneable light; and a whole new level of productivity tools. Users utilize them to not only save energy but to track space usage in facilities; watch and analyze movement of shoppers in a store; and track assets in a building, like wheelchairs in a hospital or inventory in a store. A few observations on what we saw happening with these trends at Lightfair at:

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