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TM-30 BASICS with Michael Royer of PNNL

– IES TM-30-15 is a new system of several related measures and graphics that can be used together to effectively evaluate and communicate a light source’s color rendering properties. The development of the method involved synthesizing multiple related research efforts and combining ideas into a single, cohesive system of objective information that can be used to aid decision-making processes, such as finding the preferred light source for a given application or evaluating the tradeoffs between efficacy and color rendering. TM-30 remedies flaws and limitations of the widely used CRI method, while providing complementary and more detailed information. The increased availability of data to characterize color rendering can benefit specifiers, manufacturers, and researchers alike, although transitioning from the familiarity and simplicity of CRI will take considerable effort.

Find the TM-30 video, and other resources related to TM-30, on the DOE Solid-State Lighting website at:

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