It has been a while for me but it was nice to see ole friends at the recent NAILD Conference last week. The speakers were really terrific and I thank them for the insights they provided. This is a fabulous time to be in lighting…..even ILLUMIGEDDON Chris Brown, who was at my side so I could keep him out of trouble, admits this. Let me run through my notes and mention a few things I learned:

KARL MECKLENBURG – Former All-Pro Captain of the Denver Broncos shared his six lessons of life in Six Keys to Success:
1. Teamwork
2. Courage
3. Dedication
4. Desire
5. Honesty
6. Forgiveness

JACK CURRAY, LED Transformations – LEDs and Lighting Controls – What it can mean for your business:
1. Trends: LED source from 100 to potential of 300 L/W; luminaires: from 60 to 220 L/W
2. Human physiology: light & color to mimic natural light cycle; circadian health; blue light hazard not a problem
3. Energy savings focused on controls: software; dimming; connectors; compatibility; sensors; daylight harvesting; personal control; demand response; occupancy / vacancy
4. Economics of people: lifecycle operating costs; productivity; quantity of light needed
5. Business opportunities: aftermarket ?; new opportunities; IoT; IoE; healthcare; specialty lighting; agro; network programming; solution selling; quality of light;

DUANE CASHIN, Sales Growth Strategist – Moving the Needle on Sales Performance:
1. In chaos, there’s opportunity…
2. Only 19% say talks with sales people are valuable
3. Do you have the stuff to make 300 tele calls to get 50 conversations to get 2.5 orders?
4. Competitive people are all: curious; proactive; persistent; self-motivated
5. Thinking game involves knowing: your product; your industry; your company; your self
6. Business drivers: profit; sales; market share; customer loyalty; risk-taking; productivity; leverage new technologies; talented employee engagement; reputation / image
7. TITO: trends; issues; threats; opportunities
8. Book: Selling to VITO by Anthony Parinello: Very Important Top Officer

JIM BENYA, Benya Burnett Consultancy – The Ever-Changing World of Lighting Controls:
1. Ever-changing world of controls: who controls the controls…?
2. Devices vs. systems: what it means for lighting distributors
3. In 1984, a PC cost $5000; today a cell phone cost $400 and is 10 times more proficient
4. NAILD options: test everything yourself; work with your vendors and contractors; demand long warranties; encourage service contracts
5. Standards affecting the lighting industry
6. Panel discussion: Matt Murray, Lutron; Bob Jordon, Osram Sylvania; Otto Hottendorf, Universal Lighting Technologies

MARK LIEN, Osram Sylvania – The Future of Lighting:
1. Exponential growth……
2. Who’s connected: 2005 – 5K; 2015 – 25B; 2025 – 50B; 2035 – 1Trillion
3. IES Progress Report: not one fluorescent, HID or incandescent luminaire submitted
4. Lighting Industry: from traditional to energy efficiency to control
5. Lamps new standard: 45 L/W by 2020; CA – 90 CRI
6. By 2025 – 99 cent LED “A” lamp replacement
7. New priority for lighting control: interconnectivity; quality; energy efficiency in that order.
8. What’s next: blue laser; acandescents; graphene; ALEXA

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