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The Past, the Present and the Future by Bill Attardi

What do you think? This is another attempt to pull together an understanding of the transition taking place from the Traditional Lighting industry (the Past), to the Smart Lighting industry (the Present) to the Intelligent Lighting industry (the Future). As

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Osram Develops New LiDAR Sensor for Self-driving Cars

LiDAR systems are an integral part of driving assistance systems, such as lane assist and emergency braking systems in autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles. The propagation time of very short light pulses is used to determine the distance between the vehicle

The Global LiFi Congress® Is the 1st International Event Dedicated to LiFi

The Global LiFi Congress® will take place on the 12th and 13th of June 2019 at the Salons Hoche in Paris. For the second time, the scientific and professional world, involved in LiFi will gather together in order to share ideas and pave

Human-Centric Lighting at a German Supermarket Boosts Sales by 28%

The trial of the technology at an Edeka store in Lower Saxony saw total sales increase by 12 per cent compared to a nearby reference store, with confectionary sales rising by 28 per cent, fruit and vegetables by 26 per

ANSI/ASABE Releases Horticultural Lighting Standards for Testing LEDs and SSL Modules

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has published the second in a series of three standards documents focused on specifying the performance of LEDs, arrays, and modules relative to the impact on plant growth and development. ASABE

California Passes IoT Cybersecurity Law

In September, California passed SB-327, a cybersecurity law that will affect manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) devices. The law, which goes into effect January 1, 2020, will require manufacturers of “connected devices” to equip these

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Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Lighting Controls

Take advantage of simple and affordable hubless lighting automation – simply replace your customer’s existing dimmer or switch and they gain scheduling, control from anywhere, plus voice control via Alexa or Google. You can even tie in their Nest thermostat

New Sigma Luminous Zone LED Shoebox

Available Now! The 3rd Generation of the Luminous Zone LED Shoebox is available in 100W, 150W, 200W and 240W, and 300W outputs. All outputs are available with high voltage inputs. These fixtures can come with Type III, IV, or V

Famous Gas Monkey Garage Chooses Dialight LED Lighting

Gas Monkey Garage (GMG) is a Dallas, Texas, automotive garage known to TV viewers of the “Fast N’ Loud” reality style series for restoration and fabrication work on rare cars and unique hot rod creations. Inspired by the tremendous demand

Michigan State Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory Explores LEDs for Horticulture

The Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory (CELL) at Michigan State University (MSU) has a horticultural lighting system installed across multiple growing areas that is arguably the most complex and capable such solid-state lighting (SSL) system in the world. Osram Innovations and

Growing Lettuce and Herbs with 100% Philips LED Grow Lights

Great Lakes Growers in Burton, Ohio is now growing 100% of their lettuce and herbs under Philips LED toplighting. John Bonner, the owner of Great Lakes Growers began trialing LEDs in 2015 and after seeing the success in a small

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NEW Compact LED from Viribright

The Viristick LED series is the next generation in high-efficiency lighting featuring 150 LpW while maintaining 90+ CRI in standard household bulbs. The Viristick is a versatile and bright alternative to outdated lighting solutions and offers unprecedented output reaching over

New LED Replacement for 1000W HID Now Available from Current by GE

Current, powered by GE unveiled a new LED replacement lamp designed to replace 1000W high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.  In addition to using 60 percent less energy, the product fits existing HID lamp fixtures and is wired to bypass the

EarthTronics Introduces Canopy LED Series

The New EarthTronics IP65-rated, energy saving fixtures offer high lumens and CRI for exceptional visual clarity for Entryway, Perimeter, Parking Garages and Low Bay Commercial and Industrial Security Illumination. The Canopy LED Series is available in 35- and 55-watt versions

MaxLite Launches Indirect Troffer for Architectural Interior Lighting Applications

Ideal for office, education, hospitality, health care environments, the MaxLite Indirect Troffer uses voluminous, high efficiency reflectors to fill the room with visually comfortable, low-glare, LED illumination. Available as a 2×2’ or 2×4’ fixture to fit standard grid applications, the

REVIEWED: Residential Streetlights by Alan Tulla

Here we’re focusing on light fittings which are used for residential roads, as opposed to other locations such as traffic routes, town centers, main roads, freeways and motorways. In the European standard, EN13201, these residential roads are classified as P

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