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Overage it’s a word that exists in our business, loved by some and hated by others. It is frequently a topic of conversation or a word that works its way into those industry seminars many of us attend. Overage has

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DLC Delays Technical Requirements 4.4

Due to unforeseen delays in development, the effective date for Technical Requirements V4.4 will be postponed until the end of the month. The postponed effective date affects DLC requirements for horticultural lighting products, DC/PoE products, and field-adjustable light output products.

Mini LED Applications to be Launched in 2019 and Micro LED Displays in 2021

Mini LED is one of the key technologies for 2019 and will be making its way into the displays of consumer electronics. On the other hand, Micro LED technology, which has been on the spotlight in the recent years, is

Everlight Wins Patent Lawsuit Against Nichia In China

China’s intellectual property authorities has dismissed Nichia’s claim that Everlight Electronics’ China patent concerning flip-chip LED packaging technology, CN 101 400 197, is invalid, which is tantamount to upholding its validity in China, according to industry sources. Everlight indicated that

Alabama Power Grows Crops in a Shipping Container with LED Lighting

Alabama Power has established an innovation project to grow food in a shipping container retrofitted with LED lighting provided by Freight Farm. The aim of the project is to find out if the cost of using electricity to power indoor

DLC Introduces Performance Guidelines for Grow Lights

These guidelines set an efficiency baseline at the level of 12 percent more efficient than second most efficient type of grow lights on the market, high-pressure sodium. So, any grow lights that meet their standard of efficiency in terms of

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New Sigma Luminous Zone LED Shoebox

Available Now! The 3rd Generation of the Luminous Zone LED Shoebox is available in 100W, 150W, 200W and 240W, and 300W outputs. All outputs are available with high voltage inputs. These fixtures can come with Type III, IV, or V

Famous Gas Monkey Garage Chooses Dialight LED Lighting

Gas Monkey Garage (GMG) is a Dallas, Texas, automotive garage known to TV viewers of the “Fast N’ Loud” reality style series for restoration and fabrication work on rare cars and unique hot rod creations. Inspired by the tremendous demand

Michigan State Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory Explores LEDs for Horticulture

The Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory (CELL) at Michigan State University (MSU) has a horticultural lighting system installed across multiple growing areas that is arguably the most complex and capable such solid-state lighting (SSL) system in the world. Osram Innovations and

Growing Lettuce and Herbs with 100% Philips LED Grow Lights

Great Lakes Growers in Burton, Ohio is now growing 100% of their lettuce and herbs under Philips LED toplighting. John Bonner, the owner of Great Lakes Growers began trialing LEDs in 2015 and after seeing the success in a small

Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne Gets Color Changing LED Lighting

Flinders Street railway station is a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The station has been a prominent landmark in Melbourne since the building was first completed in 1910. The station has

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REVIEWED: Residential Streetlights by Alan Tulla

Here we’re focusing on light fittings which are used for residential roads, as opposed to other locations such as traffic routes, town centers, main roads, freeways and motorways. In the European standard, EN13201, these residential roads are classified as P

U.S. Architectural Lighting Expands Its Linear EXT LED Product Line

Three new wall-mounted models feature the same architectural design as the company’s Linear EXT site/area luminaires. With six distribution patterns, LXT Wall Mounts incorporate U.S. Architectural Lighting’s PLED Optical Modules, also used in the company’s Razar Generation Series. PLED Optical

Venture Lighting’s NEW Full Cutoff LED Wallpacks

Venture Lighting’s Full Cutoff LED Wallpacks are low profile, light weight, and designed for long life with low maintenance and great performance. These die cast aluminum luminaires are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing HID wallpack fixtures. These highly

Cree Releases LXB Series Linear High-Bay Luminaires

The company released the new LXB Series fixtures to meet the need resulting from the nearly half of all new construction and fluorescent retrofit high-bay installations that specify linear high-bay LED fixtures. The high bays provide up to 160 lumens

Sigma Luminous Introduces the New Luminous Hawk LED High Bay

We are proud to introduce the 3rd generation Hawk LED High Bay. And best of all, they’re in stock now! These DLC premium listed high bays are an excellent choice for any warehouse, factory, and more! • 100W, 150W, 200W,

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