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Reduce Class Sizes for Free by Travis Jones

Do smaller class sizes improve academic performance?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Our common sense tells us more teacher attention per pupil results in a more engaged student.  Numerous studies validate this point (https://www.classsizematters.org/research-and-links/).  The landmark Tennessee Star Study

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Bill Marshall to Lead US Sales for Leviton Lighting

The consolidated sales teams of Leviton’s various U.S. Lighting companies will report to Bill Marshall, senior VP of distribution sales and marketing. In this new role, Marshall is charged with driving the sales initiatives for Leviton’s three domestic lighting brands –

The IES Street & Area Lighting Conference CALL FOR SPEAKERS

Final Deadline January 25th. The submission portal for the Street and Area Lighting Conference has been extended! We are giving you a little extra time to gather your thoughts, so get your ideas together and your presentation details submitted for

High-Mast, Side-Mounted Roadway Lighting Standard Now Includes LED Technology

NEMA published ANSI C136.18-2018 American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment—High-Mast Side-Mounted Luminaires. Developed by the ANSI Committee for Outdoor Lighting, this Standard covers physical, operational, maintenance, and light-distribution features that permit use of high-mast luminaires in roadway

High-Speed Breakthrough Brings Li-Fi Closer

French manufacturer Oledcomm has demonstrated its latest model which gives 16 users simultaneous access to 100Mbps internet connectivity via visible light from LED luminaires, rather than tradition Wi-Fi. The LiFiMax platform requires the users to plug a transceiver dongle into

Next-Gen Semi Materials Could Be a Boost for Photovoltaics, Lighting

Next-generation semiconducting materials have the potential to transform lighting technology and photovoltaics, suggest researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), in a study of the unusual physics behind hybrid semiconductors. Semiconductors made with emerging materials can engage the

Product Showcase


Sigma Luminous New Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture

Watch the video: Sigma Luminous introduces their 2nd second generation Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture. This DLC premium rated fixture is an excellent choice for any overhang, canopy, drive thru, parking structure, and more! 40W, 55W, 75W and 100W outputs

Signify’s Interact Pro Unlocks IoT-Connected Lighting

Signify recently announced Interact Pro, the latest addition to its Interact IoT-ready portfolio, a multi-tasking, smart lighting system and software developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Interact Pro is an intuitive app and dashboard allowing SMBs to control

Brava Oven: Cooking with Light in a Countertop Oven

Skip preheat, load up all your food, and cook it with light in this smart countertop oven. Connected, smart ovens are on the rise. Like other smart ovens, Brava is Wi-Fi connected and controllable through its companion app. At $995,

Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Lighting Controls

Take advantage of simple and affordable hubless lighting automation – simply replace your customer’s existing dimmer or switch and they gain scheduling, control from anywhere, plus voice control via Alexa or Google. You can even tie in their Nest thermostat

New Sigma Luminous Zone LED Shoebox

Available Now! The 3rd Generation of the Luminous Zone LED Shoebox is available in 100W, 150W, 200W and 240W, and 300W outputs. All outputs are available with high voltage inputs. These fixtures can come with Type III, IV, or V

Product Promotions


EnOcean Presents the First Self-Powered Bluetooth® Sensor for Intelligent Lighting Control

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas (January 8-11, 2019), EnOcean, world leader in energy harvesting wireless technology, will be launching a new ceiling-mounted solar-powered occupancy sensor (PIR) for Bluetooth lighting control systems communicating via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). It will

Lighting Science’s Circadian PAR30 Gimbal Spot Delivers Biological Spectrum with High Color Quality

The Series A+, like many of Lighting Science’s award-winning products, incorporates patented, engineered spectrum technology to provide a rejuvenating feel with a crisp, white light that is unencumbered by any visual hints of wavelength peaks in circadian blue. Occupants of

New Commercial, Triac-Dimmable LED Downlights from Energy Focus

Energy Focus, Inc. based in Solon, Ohio USA, introduced a line of commercial Triac-dimmable LED downlights for retrofit applications. The company developed the new Triac-dimmable downlights working with an international healthcare system headquartered in Northeast Ohio. In addition to offering

DC Microgrids Are a Proven Means to Optimize Efficiency and Performance

While alternating current (AC) is still the most efficient means to move electricity over long distances, “local” power inside of facilities wastes less electricity with DC microgrids. Independence LED Lighting developed its first Direct Current (DC) powered LED fixture series

Cree Launches FLEX Series LED Specification Troffers

Cree, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina USA, announced the FLEX Series LED Specification Troffer. The company claims that the FLEX Series troffers give architects and lighting specifiers remarkable design freedom. Cree points to U.S. Department of Energy finding that about

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