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Time to Rethink High Bay Fixtures. Think LED by Kevin Youngquist of EarthTronics

Not long ago, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail operations and even gymnasiums had few options when it came to specifying lighting for their high bay fixtures. The choice was to either install HID or fluorescent. That’s no longer the case as

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Traditional Lighting Rebates Disappearing

Traditional lighting technologies like pulse start metal halide, T5HO and induction used to receive hefty rebates. At the time, these solutions offered significant energy savings to customers and their rebates could range from $30 to $150 per fixture. Rebate programs

EW’s Top 10 Product Picks for July, 2018

Congratulations to the product managers and marketing teams from CBS ArcSafe, Klein Tools, Lighting Science, Litetronics, Lumastream, LumenFocus, MaxLite, Stahlin Enclosures, WAC Lighting and Wiegmann/Hubbell for having their products selected for this month EW’s Top 10 Product Picks. If you

Current LiDAR Applications Trends in the Automotive Market

LiDAR sensor (Light Detection And Ranging) detects surrounding objects and captures their distance to the sensor by emitting a very short light pulse and measuring the time that the light travels from the sensor to the object and back. LiDAR

$65M Boost Takes ‘Lighting-as-a-Service’ Mainstream

The money will allow Irish LED lighting specialist UrbanVolt to bring its lighting-as-a-service model to the UK and the US. The firm – which already supplies major multinationals such as Pfizer – upgrades commercial buildings to LED lighting for no

Halliburton Opts To Rent Its Lighting

The concept of ‘lighting as a service’ received another major vote of confidence today with the announcement that oil and gas services giant Halliburton is to use the model to upgrade six sites in the UK. In effect, the company

Product Showcase


Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne Gets Color Changing LED Lighting

Flinders Street railway station is a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The station has been a prominent landmark in Melbourne since the building was first completed in 1910. The station has

NAILD Podcast #32 Illumigeddon Meets The Matrix by Chris Brown

Sponsored by LumaNEXT Lighting industry veteran Chris Brown coined the term Illumigeddon several years ago and met up with Get A Grip to discuss where we are headed. Ilumigeddon has turned into Illumitunity as long as you can work your

NAILD Podcast #29 The Lighting Renaissance Man – Bill Attardi

Listen to gripping discussions about hot topics in the lighting industry by tuning into the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast series, the official podcast of NAILD. Produced by NAILD members Michael Colligan of Atlas Lighting and Greg Ehrich of

Circadian Rhythm Lighting on Aarhus University Hospital

Foundation grants have made it possible to establish a ground-breaking research project about a stimulating patient environment at the neuro intensive care unit in Aarhus, Denmark. It is a unique solution that integrates Circadian Lighting and functional lighting, noise masking,

Chris Brown: Life Time Achievement Award

Thanks you Randy Reid of EdisonReport for honoring Chris Brown for the Life Time Achievement Award at Lightfair. It was a marvelous night and we had some laughs…..a really fun night.

Product Promotions


Forest Lighting LED Flat Panel Light

Forest Lighting LED Panel Lights utilize edge lighting technology to enable ultra-thin and ultra-light fixtures with uniform lighting effect. They are designed for visual comfort and provide a pleasing environment while qualifying for the highest classification of utility rebates. Clean

Signify Brings Philips Brand Solar Lighting to Off-Grid Portions of World

After an initial product launch in India earlier this year, Signify is now offering Philips SunStay, an integrated solar street light, and Philips LifeLight, an innovative solar lantern, in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam and on the

Cree’s New LED Is Its Most Basic Bulb Ever

Cree’s newest flagship bulb, a 60-watt replacement LED that sells in a two-pack at Home Depot for about $8, is its most affordable yet. Cree got there by borrowing a page from the bargain bulb playbook and going with a

New LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip Lights from Litetronics

Litetronics introduces its new LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip Lights, a family of uniquely rugged and low-profile fixtures that are ideal for space-constrained industrial applications requiring a durable and energy-efficient solution. Available in 4’ and 8’ versions that consume 30

A.L.P. Adds New Edgelit Panel Equipment

A.L.P. Lighting Components, manufacturer of LED lighting components and fixture kits, has added to its capacity to produce molded edgelit lighting panels. Taking advantage of Rambus closing its Brecksville, OH facility, A.L.P. purchased a 1,650-ton press, molds and other equipment

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