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The Great Lighting Debate Then and Now by Bill Attardi

The blog in May 2019 by Chris Brown started out like this: “Hey Captain Sunshine, it’s me CHICKEN LITTLE! Remember me? Remember our debates about Illumigeddon and Fortuity? Well, it’s time to look back and see how we got where

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Advance Invitational Golf Outing

Advance Invitational Golf Outing 2019 – Most of us are retired or do not work for Philips/Advance any more but we will always share the camaraderie and friendships of the years when we did. To stay in touch and enjoy

DLC and CABA Sign Smart Buildings Collaboration Pact

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) announced a new agreement designed to enhance and promote development and adoption of smart building technology. CABA is a global non-profit industry association dedicated to advancing home and intelligent

Osram Accepts $3.8 Billion Offer From Bain and Carlyle

The price is still 15% lower than its peak this year in February. After Siemens AG spun off the light bulb-making division in 2013, Osram Chief Executive Officer Olaf Berlien began to refocus on higher technology, sparking a bitter and

IES Annual Conference in August 2019

The Illuminating Engineering Society’s Annual Conference, which is being held from August 8-10, provides a range of educational programming—including workshops, seminars, immersive experiences, tours, networking, and paper and poster presentations—on the art, design, science, and research of lighting relevant to

Strong Job Growth Is Back: Payrolls Jump in June Well Above Expectations

Payroll growth rebounded sharply in June as the U.S. economy added 224,000 jobs, the best gain since January and running contrary to worries that both the employment picture and overall growth picture were beginning to weaken. The unemployment rate edged

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Five Myths About 5G, Debunked

There are a lot of myths about what the fifth generation of wireless connectivity can and can’t do. WSJ’s Spencer MacNaughton debunks five common 5G myths. Wall Street Journal…Published on Mar 5, 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=296&v=lu9G7ef9uBg

When Football Became a Light Show

Thanks to LEDs, football has become a spectacular light show as much as a display of sporting talent. In the past, lighting was switched on an hour before kick-off and took at least 30 minutes to warm. Today’s LED lighting is

Sigma Luminous Linear High Bay Light

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 This Sigma Luminous DLC rated linear high bay fixture is an excellent choice for any warehouse, factory, workshop, retail store, and more! 50W, 110W, 165W, 220W, and 300W outputs Installs via cable, chain, surface, or pendant

Signify Reports Rush to Trial LiFi: It’s light Jim, but not as we know it

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 Signify announced it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot light fidelity (LiFi). Its LiFi-enabled LED fixtures combine excellent light quality with a fast broadband data connection using

Sigma Luminous New Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture

Watch the video: Sigma Luminous introduces their 2nd second generation Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture. This DLC premium rated fixture is an excellent choice for any overhang, canopy, drive thru, parking structure, and more! 40W, 55W, 75W and 100W outputs

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Litetronics Introduces Enhanced Family of High-Efficiency LED Linear High and Low Bay Fixtures

The second generation of LED Linear High and Low Bays are ideal for everything from warehouse and storage spaces to manufacturing/industrial facilities, sports facilities and gyms, retail centers, and more and provide outstanding light output and best-in-class lumen-per-watt (LPW) efficacy

Ecosense Lighting Lore LFI 2019 Most Innovative Product of the Year

LFI 2019 Most Innovative Product of the Year – Ecosense Lighting Lore (Recessed Downlights, Wall Washers and Multiples) is a fully adaptable luminaire family that features our newest optic & driver technology, engineered for precise beam performance and beautiful dimming.

InstantFit T8 Visible Light Communication TLED by Signify – LFI 2019 Product Category Award Winner

(Lamps: Conventional, Retrofit and Replacement) InstantFit LED T8 VLC enables Philips’ Indoor Positioning System in a retrofit TLED. It features patented Philips Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology enabling location-based services without any additional fixture hardware while delivering high-quality light &

Acuity Peerless Renna LFI 2019 Design Excellence Award

(Commercial Indoor: Troffers, Suspended and Surface Mounted) A simplicity of form provides compatibility with modern architecture, especially open and deconstructed ceilings. The 4” housing width and minimal 1/4” lightguide bezel supports a balance of visual comfort with a minimalist physical

SLD Laser LaserLight MicroSpot Module LFI 2019 Technical Innovation Award

(LED / OLED, Chips and Modules) The LaserLight MicroSpot Module is the world’s first 400 lumen module offering a 2 degree collimated beam from a 35mm optic. LaserLight MicroSpot Module combines the highest luminance source, LaserLight SMD, with a TIR

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