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A Judicious SWOT Analysis – Just Five (5) Apropos Questions to Ask Yourself by Bill Attardi

The SWOT (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats) Analysis is an important tool in the strategic marketing planning process and is taught in every graduate and undergraduate business course in academia. My view is that this should be an

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Commercial Lighting Trends in 2019 Part 1

With advanced LED development and improved data transmitting technologies, commercial lighting is going beyond illumination. Osram proposed some commercial lighting trends addressing the well-being of users and optimized space utilization for efficient energy usage.The first thing Osram mentioned is human

Commercial Lighting Trends in 2019 Part 2

Apart from human centric lighting, IoT smart lighting system and “space-as-a-service,” what are other trends of commercial lighting in 2019? How to efficiently manage the space usage is critical to companies. In the past, place planning has been based on

Crowne Plaza Hotels Trial Circadian Lighting to Help Its Guests Sleep Better

The task light luminaires feature proprietary technology which either adds and removes the blue 480 nanometers wavelength of light – believed to be the key wavelength of light that impacts on the circadian rhythm  – to achieve optimal biological benefits. The

World’s Largest Tuneable-White Facade Lighting Unveiled at the Famous Bund in Shanghai

The installation on 40 historic 1930s buildings along the waterfront is also the largest ever implementation of connected architectural lighting. The brief by the city chiefs was to emphasise the classical colour tones of this architectural masterpiece. The installation features

Smart LED Streetlamps Can Facilitate 5G Base Station Deployments

Smart LED streetlamps, already a multipurpose fixture that can monitor environment, traffic, public security, and display public information, may be given one more job in smart city developments: 5G base station equipment can be installed on lamp posts. The use

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When Football Became a Light Show

Thanks to LEDs, football has become a spectacular light show as much as a display of sporting talent. In the past, lighting was switched on an hour before kick-off and took at least 30 minutes to warm. Today’s LED lighting is

Sigma Luminous Linear High Bay Light

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 This Sigma Luminous DLC rated linear high bay fixture is an excellent choice for any warehouse, factory, workshop, retail store, and more! 50W, 110W, 165W, 220W, and 300W outputs Installs via cable, chain, surface, or pendant

Signify Reports Rush to Trial LiFi: It’s light Jim, but not as we know it

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 Signify announced it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot light fidelity (LiFi). Its LiFi-enabled LED fixtures combine excellent light quality with a fast broadband data connection using

Sigma Luminous New Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture

Watch the video: Sigma Luminous introduces their 2nd second generation Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture. This DLC premium rated fixture is an excellent choice for any overhang, canopy, drive thru, parking structure, and more! 40W, 55W, 75W and 100W outputs

Signify’s Interact Pro Unlocks IoT-Connected Lighting

Signify recently announced Interact Pro, the latest addition to its Interact IoT-ready portfolio, a multi-tasking, smart lighting system and software developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Interact Pro is an intuitive app and dashboard allowing SMBs to control

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MaxLite Launches LED Spot Light as Advanced Lighting for Horticulture Applications

Through innovative product design and engineering, the MaxLite PhotonMax LED Spot Light (PH-GH Series) can match applications where a traditional 1000W HID fixture is used, but in a smaller form factor that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. Emitting

Green Creative Launches Energy Star Certified 75W Halogen Replacement

This ENERGY STAR certified MR16 12V 7.5W HIGH CRI is a 75W halogen replacement. At just 7.5W, this lamp emits 580 lumens with a CBCP of 2800cd, making it one of the most efficient high CRI 75W halogen replacement available.

Cree BR30 Floodlight LED

What you should look for in a good 65-watt replacement floodlight LED: Brightness-wise, your bulb should put out at least 650 lumens Your bulb shouldn’t draw more than 10 watts of energy Your bulb should be able to dim without

Philips 65W Replacement BR30 Floodlight LED with Warm Glow Dimming

Philips’ newest BR30-shaped floodlight bulb is as efficient as floodlights come, it’s near flawless on dimmer switches, it turns warmer and more candle-like in tone as you dim it down — and, at about $14 for a three-pack at Home

GE Reveal HD 65W Replacement BR30 Floodlight LED

If you’re looking for LED lights that can help the colors in your home pop, your safest bet has long been to go with a GE Reveal bulb. Each one is specifically designed to boost the color quality in your

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