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Hey Captain Sunshine, it’s me CHICKEN LITTLE! Remember me? Remember our debates about Illumigeddon and Fortuity? Well, it’s time to look back and see how we got where we are today in our truly disrupted Lighting Industry. But first, beyond

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Lightfair 2019 Exhibitors Prepare Their SSL Wares

The SSL design and technology community is preparing to land in the City of Brotherly Love for the annual LightFair tradeshow and conference. LightFair International launches this week in Philadelphia, PA, with this year’s theme “The Synergy of Light in

2019 LIGHTFAIR Product Guide

The Lighting Controls Association is proud to offer an advance look at a selection of dozens of new products that will be displayed by members at LIGHTFAIR International May 21-23, 2019 in Philadelphia. http://lightingcontrolsassociation.org/2019/05/14/2019-lightfair-product-guide/

The Best Cheap Smart LEDs by CNET

Smart lights that you can automate and control with your voice make lots of sense, and if you’re looking to make the upgrade you’ll find plenty of options. That includes a growing number of LED smart bulbs from reputable brands

Acuity Promises Affordable OLED Luminaires in OLEDworks Alliance

While many mainstream LED lighting companies have jettisoned OLED technology, Acuity Brands has continued to hang in there, and now it has signed a deal with specialist OLEDWorks to help it expand its line with what it says will be

Osram Pilots Smart Building IoT Solution at Canadian University

Advancement of IoT technology enables integration of lighting and other application to improve efficiency of energy usage and save electricity cost. Commercial real estate owners are therefore actively seeking the benefits of data-driven, real-time applications that will modernize a business

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When Football Became a Light Show

Thanks to LEDs, football has become a spectacular light show as much as a display of sporting talent. In the past, lighting was switched on an hour before kick-off and took at least 30 minutes to warm. Today’s LED lighting is

Sigma Luminous Linear High Bay Light

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 This Sigma Luminous DLC rated linear high bay fixture is an excellent choice for any warehouse, factory, workshop, retail store, and more! 50W, 110W, 165W, 220W, and 300W outputs Installs via cable, chain, surface, or pendant

Signify Reports Rush to Trial LiFi: It’s light Jim, but not as we know it

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBEMIhZUOr0 Signify announced it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot light fidelity (LiFi). Its LiFi-enabled LED fixtures combine excellent light quality with a fast broadband data connection using

Sigma Luminous New Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture

Watch the video: Sigma Luminous introduces their 2nd second generation Luminous LED Parking Garage Fixture. This DLC premium rated fixture is an excellent choice for any overhang, canopy, drive thru, parking structure, and more! 40W, 55W, 75W and 100W outputs

Signify’s Interact Pro Unlocks IoT-Connected Lighting

Signify recently announced Interact Pro, the latest addition to its Interact IoT-ready portfolio, a multi-tasking, smart lighting system and software developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Interact Pro is an intuitive app and dashboard allowing SMBs to control

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Amerlux Square LED Pendant and Aesthetics

Amerlux’s Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant is a versatile solution for open ceilings as a surface-mount pendant or a pendant with a remote driver. The Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant re-imagines the popular Hornet HP Downlight in a new square pendant form.

Healthe’s Circadian Bulb Changes Spectral Output in Response to the Sun’s Position

Healthe Inc. has added an LED bulb to its line of circadian lighting products that can dynamically change spectral output over the course of the day, delivering what it says are invigorating blues in the morning and minimizing the blues

OSRAM Launches Digital Tunable White System Based on DALI-2 Design

The OSRAM Tunable White (TW) System provides a digitally controllable lighting solution which helps simulate natural daylight. This digital solution offers the freedom to adjust light preferences and is based on DALI-2 design for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications including

Tivoli Lighting’s Zero Drop Elite Tivotape

This LED light tape features high color rendering and R9 value to make colors stand out in custom applications for high-end retail and restaurants, resorts and hotels, single and multi-family homes, and apartment units in residential high-rise buildings. Specifically, Elite

Current, Powered by GE Releases Flat Panel Retrofit Kit with Integrated Sensors

GE Lumination™ RPL Series Recessed LED Refit kits bring a smooth uniform look to any drop ceiling landscape. By providing high uniformity, excellent efficiency and reduced glare the RPL is ideal for commercial office, education or healthcare applications. The RPL

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