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2018 LED Rebate Amounts Start to Level Out

Historically, rebates for LED lighting have decreased 10 – 20% every year. This year, the rebate amounts have started to level out; the average prescriptive rebate for LED only went down 1% across all product lines. That being said, some specific products saw some big changes. LED Linear Tube Replacements dropped by 19% and screw-in HID replacement lamps by 35%. These decreases likely reflect the changing price in the marketplace as the costs of those solutions have also decreased significantly in the past year. In contrast, rebates for LED downlights and linear panels (2×4’s) went up 5% and 10% respectively.

  • Rebates For DLC Standard vs Premium
  • Control Rebates Are Strong As Ever
  • What’s Next? Biax / PL-L Lamps & 8’ tubes


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