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5 Tips for Choosing a Smart Lighting IoT Platform

Smart lighting is playing a pivotal role in unlocking the power of the IoT and smart building applications beyond lighting. An intelligent, sensor-laden lighting system can form the central nervous system of a building, enabling smart lighting and other current and future IoT applications. Selecting an infrastructure that will support the IoT can be an overwhelming task. There are still many unknowns about what the exact requirements will be and no one wants to make an investment mistake. Here are 5 fundamental tips when choosing an intelligent lighting system infrastructure as your platform for IoT:
1. Be Prepared to Scale
2. Stay Flexible and Agile
3. Go Wireless
4. Stick with Non-proprietary
5. Make the Experience User-Friendly
While smart lighting is able to bring efficiencies and automation to the lighting system, the addition of IoT tells a broader story about the space, the occupants, and the building itself.

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