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8’ DLC Tube Category Brings New Rebate Options

While 4’ fixtures represent a large portion of the commercial market, many people don’t realize there are many 8′ fixtures out there. In industrial, education and retail applications, 8’ fixtures are fairly common with some of them still being T12. That means they present a huge opportunity for energy savings. Originally there were few 8′ LED tubes on the market, so most customers would have to use a retrofit kit to convert the 8’ fixture to use 4′ tubes instead. Eventually 8′ LED tubes entered the market, but without a DLC category there were few rebates available. Since the addition of the 8′ DLC tube category, there are now more than 5 times the number of utilities with rebates available for 8′ tubes and almost double that for 4′ tubes and retrofit kits. http://www.briteswitch.com/news/8ftretrofits.html#tube

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