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A Manufacturing Revolution for the LED Lighting Industry

Western business investments in local manufacturing facilities have been declining since the 1980s due to partnering with contract manufacturers in Asia. But with increasing and hidden costs in Asia, companies are now seeking to bring manufacturing back home. When also considering all hidden costs of overseas contract manufacturing, including the import taxes, customs fees and freight expenses, many companies have realized that it is more reasonable to bring the manufacturing back home to automated factories, instead of searching for another low-cost labor country. US Manufacturers are voicing concerns about the downside of the import tariffs the Trump administration is slapping on $50 billion worth of Chinese products. At the same time, there are talks about potential changes in NAFTA. And who knows, maybe even EU relations will become volatile if the worst-case trade-war scenarios play out. https://www.led-professional.com/resources-1/articles/a-manufacturing-revolution-for-the-led-lighting-industry

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