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Acuity’s Bytelight in Deal with Qualcomm

Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., is working closely with Acuity Brands in the commercial deployment of LED lighting fixtures/services (marketed by Acuity Brands as Bytelight™ Services) that use Qualcomm® Lumicast™ technology to bring indoor positioning capabilities and services to retailers. Unlike RF-based technologies, Lumicast uses visible-light signals transmitted from LED fixtures to deliver indoor positioning. A regular smartphone, using apps enabled by Lumicast software, receives the light signals through the front camera to determine its position and orientation with exceptional precision and speed. Lumicast has already been deployed in more than 100 store locations by two of North America’s top 25 retailers. The technology is designed to deliver precise indoor location services to improve operational efficiencies in environments such as retail stores, malls, museums, airports, factories, warehouses, educational and healthcare institutions, and enterprises. 3/14 PRNewswire

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