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Advance Alumni Invitational

Most of us do not work for Advance any more but we will always share the camaraderie and friendships of the years when we did. To stay in touch and enjoy some special moments, we made it to last week’s 5th annual Advance Alumni Invitational outing in Lake Geneva. The rain stayed away both days in spite of a threatening forecast and other than a few people impacted by the heat on Friday, nobody got hurt. All in all, a smashing success! For those who couldn’t make it this year, you were missed, and you missed out on a really enjoyable couple of days. In all, 25 alum attended including 6 first-timers. After two competitive days, a sufficient amount of drinking, and some memorable golf shots, the coveted traveling trophy went to Mark “the Eagle” Turner. In an emotional ceremony on Saturday, Tom Rice, the 2017 Reigning Champion, handed the trophy over to Mark who now has bragging rights for the next year. This is truly a great time……ahhhhhhh, the memories!

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One comment on “Advance Alumni Invitational

  1. BillAttardi says:


    Working for Advance was the highlight of my business career; I have never had more fun, received more support and sold more stuff.

    A team such as the one gathered in Chicago from top to support levels, sales to quotations to accounting and testing was the absolute best. The best company and times we have ever worked to represent so proudly.

    I guess things are always changing, but the destruction of this group will forever be forgotten by us, and the only thing I am able to remember were all the positives. We are still blessed to be good friends with both Steve & Al also copied.

    Thanks Bill as always,

    Gene Biben, CPMR
    Joseph E. Biben Sales Corp.

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