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AmazonBasics 65W Equivalent BR30 Floodlight

AmazonBasics 65W Equivalent BR30 Floodlight – AmazonBasics is the online megaretailer’s version of a store brand — and for the past year or so, just like the store brands at Walmart and at Target, the product lineup has included LED light bulbs. Among those AmazonBasics-branded bulbs: a soft white, 65-watt replacement floodlight LED that sells in a two-pack for $12. Unlike a lot of store brand products, that’s actually more expensive than much of the name-brand competition. Run to the hardware store, and you’ll find some very good floodlight LEDs from names like GE and Cree all cost a bit less per bulb. With Amazon, you’re basically paying an extra buck or two not to need the hardware store at all. At 792 lumens and drawing 9.5 watts at full brightness, they would pay for themselves within 11 months.

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