ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C78 Revises ANSI C78.81-2016 - Energy Watch News

ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C78 Revises ANSI C78.81-2016

American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Double-Capped Fluorescent Lamps—Dimensional and Electrical Characteristics sets forth the physical and electrical characteristics of the principal types of fluorescent lamps intended for application on conventional line frequency circuits and electronic high-frequency circuits. NEMA announced specifications for the lamp itself and the interactive features of the lamp and ballast are given. Only double-based lamps of the regular linear shape are included. This revision added a T5 Method of Measurement reference for clarity and many data sheet numbers were corrected high frequency (HF) programmed-start open circuit starting voltages also were added for the various T8 data sheets containing HF requirements.

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