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Are You Ready for Li-Fi?

In the office of the future, the luminaires won’t just provide light, they’ll also provide your internet connection. A new technology called Li-Fi can encode data in the light from normal LED luminaires, turning your office lights into a high-speed data network. It’s done by modulating the light in a way that’s invisible to the human eye, but can be picked up by a receiver plugged into a computer. Li-Fi is faster than Wi-Fi, more energy efficient (since the lights are on anyway) and eliminates interference problems with other electronic devices. And because light doesn’t go through walls, it’s inherently secure. Plus, the main element of the network – the light fittings – already exists in every building. Li-Fi could solve a growing problem: we’re running out of space on the radio frequency spectrum” The technology could also solve a growing problem with wireless communication systems: the radio frequency spectrum is overcrowded and we’re running out of space. The visible light spectrum is 10,000 times bigger, so Li-Fi is well placed to become the next generation of wireless communications.

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