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Audi Taps Osram for OLED Taillights in Sports Car

Munich-based Osram said Audi is using the Osram OLED rear light module in the Audi TT RS, a compact sports car. In July, Osram announced a similar agreement with German carmaker BMW, which is using the OLED taillights in the BMW M4 GTS high-performance coupe. OLEDs are patches of material that emit light across their surface unlike LEDs, which are single points of light. In thin form, they augur a multitude of design innovations. The Audi taillight houses 4 OLED panels, and the BMW has 15, all mounted inside a fitting. OLEDs are becoming increasingly common in gadgets and as television screens. Some enthusiasts believe they will literally work their way into the fabric of clothing, bridges, and buildings, transforming things like fashion and architecture.

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