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Augmented Reality Software Could Make Smart Lights Even Smarter

Augmented Reality (AR), the technology behind the Pokémon Go craze, could be coming to a ceiling luminaire near you to help you control lighting, heating, and other things through hand gestures. AR uses digital techniques to add visual objects to someone’s real-world field of vision or to a live video screen display. In Pokémon Go, Pokémon monsters emerge on a mobile phone screen within a map or video display and gamers then have to go to the exact spot and “find” them, using GPS. In the lighting and home controls world, someone wearing special goggles or other eyewear would see a lighting panel in front of them that would allow them to change light settings around the room or their house by gesturing at the different lights and zones that have been added to their view. The electronics and sensors that support AR could also reside in luminaires.

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