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Big Box Retailer Utilizes Retrofit LED Lamp by Foreverlamp

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One of the nation’s largest big box retail chains known for its sustainable operations sought to improve overall occupant comfort while improving efficiency in their existing stores. They needed a solution that maintained the look and feel of their existing 400W metal halide lighting solution while improving the lighting quality and efficiency of the lighting system. Foreverlamp provided the solution with the industry’s first 24,000 lumen plug and play retrofit lamp for Metal Halide lamps. Foreverlamp solved the technical challenge of creating up-light with a directional LED source by creating enough up light to avoid the cave effect of other LED screw in lamps. The Foreverlamp 400W MH VHO model LED lamp has replaced the Metal Halide lamps providing a better quality of light with a CRI of >80 and a 200W energy savings solution. Case study at:

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