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Breakthrough Set to Bring OLED Back from the Dead

Scientists at Brunel University London is set to slash the costs of OLED by 92 per cent, potentially bringing the technology back from the brink in the architectural lighting market. Organic light emitting diodes have struggled to compete with standard LED panels for lighting in buildings, as their extra slimness can’t justify their much higher price. Instead OLEDs have been used in electronic devices such as mobile phones and televisions. But now a three-year EU-funded study – whose backers include Marks & Spencer and Tata Steel – has discovered that a much simpler manufacturing method can cut production costs to just a tenth of current costs, enough to match LEDs. It’s hoped that the research of the Flexolighting programme, which will be made available to European manufacturers, will help herald a new era of low-cost, high-efficiency lighting products.

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