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Businesses Wasting $1.5 Trillion on Office Space Rent Costs

The report from Philips coincides with World Green Building Week, which promotes the goal of making all buildings “net zero” by 2050, meaning they use energy from renewable sources while producing net zero carbon emissions annually. Philips is calling for the renovation rate of offices in developed countries to double to three per cent a year. According to the findings, the market with the most potential for saving is Asia Pacific. It is the largest market with over 65bn square feet of office space, but could save up to $977bn if buildings were optimized. The next largest market is Europe, which could save up to $243bn, followed by North America at $220bn.

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  1. The other Bill says:

    Dear Bill,
    Love you, your column and the lighting industry, but I wouldn’t worry about the world 20 years from now because I think that at the track our president is going on now will get us all killed.
    The other Bill

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