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Can Amazon ‘Uber’ Distributors?

Whether or not Amazon succeeds with its plan to bring an Uber-like experience to package delivery – wherein customers hire a private driver to bring them whatever knickknacks they need right away – the company continues to disrupt the business status quo. According to numerous sources, the company is considering a crowdsourced delivery system where people will sign up to make deliveries the same way they sign up to shuttle passengers through Uber or Lyft. Customers can use an app to have a driver bring them a package from an Amazon distribution center to their house the same day. Although it is designed for the business-to-consumer market, the model could potentially work for the company’s newly formed Amazon Business, which recently replaced the now-defunct AmazonSupply. And that means it could threaten cargo companies and distributors the same way Uber and Lyft have taken market share from taxicab operators.

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