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Commercial Lighting Trends in 2019 Part 1

With advanced LED development and improved data transmitting technologies, commercial lighting is going beyond illumination. Osram proposed some commercial lighting trends addressing the well-being of users and optimized space utilization for efficient energy usage.The first thing Osram mentioned is human centric lighting. Building owners and facility managers are incorporating Tunable White technology as part of their lighting strategy. Tunable White technology is designed for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications that enable LED lighting to mimic natural lighting following the circadian rhythm to balance the visual, emotional and biological needs of humans. Surveys and studies have indicated that suitable lighting can improve concentration and boost energy for users. Intelligent IoT infrastructure in buildings integrating sensors and lighting is on its way to industry adoption. Working space has joined the field of sharing economy with the new concept of “Space-as-a-Service.”

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