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Coronet Enters GUV Market with Upper-Room Disinfection Solution

Coronet’s GUV series brings proven technology from the medical community to commercial spaces, providing direct high CRI white lighting with indirect 275 nanometer UVC to provide safe, effective Upper-Room Germicidal disinfection. Coronet integrates UV-C lighting at 275 nanometers (nm) into our product as upper air germicidal UV to combat virus and bacteria in a space while also providing illumination. UVC wavelengths can break the bonds in the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria making them unable to multiply and inactivating them. As the light directly affects the DNA/RNA of the organism, it works on drug resistant strains of viruses and bacteria; this technology has been used in hospitals since the 1940’s. There are three bands of UV lighting; UVC is the safest and most effective germicidal solution.

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