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Cree BR30 Floodlight LED

What you should look for in a good 65-watt replacement floodlight LED:

  • Brightness-wise, your bulb should put out at least 650 lumens
  • Your bulb shouldn’t draw more than 10 watts of energy
  • Your bulb should be able to dim without flickering or buzzing
  • Your bulb should offer a warranty of at least five years
  • You shouldn’t pay more than $8 per bulb (ideally, you shouldn’t spend more than $5)

Cree’s newest floodlight LED checks all of these boxes. Available in a two-pack at Home Depot for $10, it’s an affordable and well-rounded choice that boasts an industry-leading 10-year warranty and the best efficiency I’ve ever seen from a floodlight. It’s brighter than advertised, it handled heat build-up better than any other floodlight LED I’ve tested, and it didn’t flicker or buzz on any of the dimmer switches I tried it out on.

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