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Cree Demonstrates 134-Lm/W Packaged LED with Incandescent Quality

Cree has announced the results of laboratory tests of a single high-power packaged LED that delivered almost 1600 lm with light quality that matches the incandescent lamp. The company said the 134-lm/W realized efficacy is 25% better than other LEDs that can yield similar light quality. Generally, when Cree has publicized laboratory demonstrations, the company has delivered similar technology commercially about two years later. Cree said the demonstration was based on a packaged LED that could deliver 90 CRI or better and also 90 or better for the R9 saturated-red color sample that is so important in applications such as retail lighting. Moreover, the CCT target is the 2700K warm hue of the legacy incandescent. Cree’s demonstrated ability to deliver commercially on lab products in two years would synchronize nicely with the California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 ruling.

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