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Current LiDAR Applications Trends in the Automotive Market

LiDAR sensor (Light Detection And Ranging) detects surrounding objects and captures their distance to the sensor by emitting a very short light pulse and measuring the time that the light travels from the sensor to the object and back. LiDAR is a key technology for several applications including autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation system, drone, measurement, sweeping robot and others. According to the 2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report by LEDinside, LiDAR laser market value is expected to reach USD 154 million in 2020. LiDAR sensor could be integrated into an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for providing real time condition of the surrounding environment of a vehicle, helping drivers to respond to different situations to avoid accidents. It has advantages in long-distance detection and depth resolution and has been adopted in autonomous cars for trials.

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