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Darwin Is Latest City to Go Smart With Its Street Lighting

In what is set to become one of the largest local authority-run projects of its type in Australia, Darwin will replace close to 10,000 lights on its street and public lighting network with LEDs wirelessly connected by UK firm Telensa. The luminaires will be controlled by the Telensa Central Management System (CMS) and hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services. Telensa PLANet is an end-to-end intelligent street lighting system, consisting of wireless nodes connecting individual lights, a dedicated wireless network owned by the city, and a central management application. With more than 1.7 million lights connected, Telensa PLANet is the world’s most popular connected streetlight system. https://luxreview.com/article/2019/03/darwin-is-latest-city-to-go-smart-with-its-street-lighting

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