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DOE Invests $10 Million in Efficient Lighting R&D

DOE said in a release that the nine projects will help accelerate the development of high-quality LED and OLED lighting.
1) Cree, Inc. (Durham, N.C.)—Developing a high-efficacy LED lighting fixture that has good color rendering as well as advanced features such as the ability to tune the color of the light;
2) Columbia University (New York)—Developing improved quantum dots to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of LEDs;
3) GE Global Research (Niskayuna, N.Y.)—Developing an efficient LED fixture that features interchangeable modules and allows for simplified manufacturing and customized performance;
4) Iowa State University (Ames, Iowa)—Demonstrating a method to significantly increase the light output of white OLEDs by changing their internal features;
5) Lumenari, Inc. (Lexington, Ky.)—Developing a narrow-bandwidth red phosphor to improve the efficacy of phosphor-converted LEDs;
6) Lumileds (San Jose, Calif.)—Improving the design of an LED to make it more efficient by using a patterned sapphire substrate flip-chip architecture;
7) North Carolina State University (Raleigh, N.C.)—Developing a way to get more light out of OLEDs using low-cost corrugated substrates;
8) Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pa.)—Developing a way to better understand and predict the occurrence of short circuits in OLED lighting panels in order to reduce failure rates;
9) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Mich.)—Developing three innovative methods to harness the light within OLEDs.

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