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DOE Releases New Report on OLED Panel Longevity and Performance

In a new DOE “round 2” report based on accelerated stress testing of OLED panels with a focus on general illumination applications, the researchers found improvement in the latest products, yet longevity still trails LED significantly. The report also includes an analysis of the new OLEDWorks Brite 3 panel after 1500 hours of testing. OLED remains a tantalizing technology for general lighting. The inherently diffuse panels are pleasing to most people. The thin panels offer product developers freedom of form. But manufacturing costs along with performance and reliability issues have limited OLED technology to niche uses in lighting. Meanwhile, planar edge-lit LED products are increasingly popular and able to offer some of the same benefits as OLED. Still, the DOE has continued to support OLED research and fund projects that utilize the technology, believing that maturity would bring OLED nearer to LEDs in performance and reliability.

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