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DOE Study Validates TM-30 Color Preference Specification

The ANSI/IES TM-30-18 results support TM-30 Annex E recommendations that allow lighting professionals to communicate different color rendition goals (preference, vividness, and fidelity) with far greater precision than prior methods. In the new study – the third in a The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) series – 90 lighting conditions with systematically varied color rendition and chromaticity were evaluated by 25 participants who provided ratings for normalness, saturation, preference, and acceptability. The lighting conditions were designed to test the bounds of previously proposed color preference criteria, while also verifying their applicability across different correlated color temperature and Duv values. In keeping with the preceding work, there were substantial differences in ratings based on color rendition, but minimal differences based on chromaticity. This supports the use of color rendition specification criteria that are independent of chromaticity (within the range of nominally white light).

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