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Feilo Sylvania Pushes into Smart Lighting

The London-based, Chinese owned luminaire provider steps up smart-lighting-enabled location-based services with sensors from Australian startup Organic Response. By using “heat mapping” technology, the sensors will note occupancy and footfall across rooms and buildings, which will help facility managers analyze usage and reassign space accordingly. Smart lighting systems can also include sensors that provide other functions, such as taking note of temperature and humidity and then triggering adjustments to heating and cooling systems; they can also help provide building security by setting off alarms when they detect intruders, smoke or fire. As smartphones, where data and Internet functions have relegated voice to fifth place in the list of what users do with their phones, lighting will be the fifth function of the luminaire. http://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2016/05/feilo-sylvania-pushes-into-smart-lighting.html

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