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First Luminaire with Integrated Li-Fi Revealed

Pioneering Scottish company, pureLiFi, has unveiled an integrated Li-Fi luminaire at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but the dreaded dongle remains. The company is eager to ditch the inconvenient Li-Fi enabled USB dongle, which currently plays a key role as the middleman between a Li-Fi enabled luminaire and a computer. The dongle, which the company plans to at least shrink in the short term, is fitted with a photoreceptor that is capable of receiving a signal from a Li-Fi fitting. It also features an infrared transmitter that tosses data back to the light. The new luminaire places all the necessary Li-Fi components in a black ring that lies flat against the ceiling and is designed to circle an LED light. It is able to support between eight to 16 users at once, and deliver data at rates of 45 megabits per second.

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