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Flexible is the New Normal by Matt Ochs

While change remains a constant and design thinking continues to evolve, lighting and shading control systems will play an increasingly essential, pivotal role in commercial and public spaces that feel comfortable, secure and inviting. What does lighting control look like in these spaces? It is simpler to design and more flexible, offers seamless integration, facilitates a connection to the outdoors, and enhances personalized and touchless control options for better usability. Here’s a closer look at: Flexible is the New Normal – Illuminating Engineering Society (ies.org)

  • Simpler to design, program and personalize for each project.
  • Design with dynamic lighting to make an impact that gets more powerful over time.
  • Integrated lighting and shading control enhance connection to the outdoors.
  • Ease of use and touchless solutions give clients peace of mind.
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